Please Love Me

Chapter 25

I went home feeling down. I am still thinking of Enzo and Monica...ugh! I hate it! That’s my place! Even though he’s a womanizer, I know that no one can be that close to him except me...until she came.

I can’t sleep, so I decided to open my Facebook. I smiled bitterly when I saw Enzo changed his display picture. It is a picture of him while Monica is kissing him on his cheeks.


Sydney Villafuerte: who is she?

Enzo Marvie Martinez: soon to be my girl :)

Sydney Villafuerte: No!

Sunshine Andrea Rodriguez: I second the motion..

Maico Ian Flores: Hoodlums!

Zion Drake Mercado: That’s good:)

Enzo Marvie Martinez: What the fuck Zi??

Zion Drake Mercado : You chose to me :p

Despite the tears, I can’t help, but to smile because of Sunny. That girl… And Sydney...Even though she’s in Singapore, she still likes enzo.

I decided that I won’t go to Flavours since it’s just Foundation Day. I stopped on my track when I saw Enzo laughing with Mom. I remember how I feel last night. Tss. I go to the kitchen without looking at him.

"Morning Pat..." Enzo greeted me happily.

I sighed and looked at him. Isn’t it obvious that I don’t want to talk to him.

"Morning.." His forehead creased.

raised my eyebrows at him sice

"Did you cry?"

I? Is someone dead?" I just noticed now that my eyes

sight. Good. I decided to read on Wattpad since I have nothing to do. At least in here, whatever happens, there is

appeared in front of me. He’s holding a glass of strawberry and chocolate ice cream in

knows how he can lift my spirit when I’m

my hand and

are we going?”

of his answer. I’m scared that he would say Monica.




it!it made me

with a smile. I feel relief.

are we doing

I can’t breathe right now. He called me Tricia! One moment he’s disregarding me, and then the next thing I know is that he makes me feel important. In fact,

of flowers and birds. We are

looking at me, so I

back of his car to get a basket, a mat, and a set of utensils. He prepared for

prepare for this, huh?"

"Not really.."

We actually didn;t notice that it is

as we looked

I pointed him


not bad to make a wish to a falling star, is it? Of all things that I could wish for, the only thing that I did is for enzo to love me back.

my eyes after I bid my wishes. I almost jumped when I saw

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