Please Love Me

Chapter 23

I woke up brightly because of what happened last night. I thought I was gonna go home!

Today is our washday so I look for the clothes that Zyrine bought for me. Wait! Why am I fixing myself?

Anyway, I chose to wear a miniskirt and a floral sleeveless top with pink flats. I put on a pair of earrings, blush on and a bit of lip gloss. I also sprayed myself a perfume.

I bumped into Mom when I went to the stairs

"Tricia are you sick?" Sick?

"Hmp. Of course not, mom! Is it ugly?"

"Ofcourse not! You’re so pretty, but why?" She smirked at me. What does she mean why? Do I really have to have a reason?

Mom’s kinda weird now because she looks at me crazily.

I rented a taxi otw to our university. I suddenly feel nervous. What would they say? I’m not used to this. I’m sure that they’ll tease me nonstop!I noticed that there are a lot of book stalls around the univ. Probably because of the Foundation Day. As I roamed around, I noticed a few people looking at me.

A guy smiled at me, and said hi. A part of me says I know him. His smile is pretty especially as it shows his dimples. He kinda looks like Maico

"Hi Tricia.."

I know

Echo.. Jericho Ivan Reyes.. Just because you got prettier you already forgot me." I know him! He was my suitor when we were in 8th Grade. Their family migrated to the

at the whole ground. "Wait what are

dropped my



OMG!dont tell me..

The world


he went ahead, he asked for

knotted. Sunny’s jaw is literally on the floor while looking at me. Even Zion

mountain? You freakening Sunshine Andrea! You’re making

bloomed for two

the suspect!” Zion

Sunny!” Maico teased.

probably faint when you see Sunny blooms”

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