Please Love Me

Chapter 18

We all went to one of the most famous ktv bars in Eastwood. I’m neither rich nor poor. My friends are rich.

Enzo got us a private room. They ordered a lot of foods and drinks. We have vodka, tequila and bacardi. Really? Are they thirsty? Sunny and I are only drinking shakes.

Sa libo libong pagkakataon na tayo'y nagkasama...

Iilang ulit palang kita,

nakitang masaya..

Enzo and Maico are singing right now while the rest of us are just laughing. So this is the reason why Enzo got us a private room. He likes singing, but the latter doesn’t like him.

"Dude tequila hit you so hard, huh??” Zi teases to the other two.

"Fuck you Zion! I know you’re dying to get this mic!" Maico teases back.

They don’t easily get drunk. Maybe they’re tipsy, so they are becoming this crazy! Maico sat beside Sunny who just shoved his head aside.

"Move Maico!Eew! You smell bad!" Sunny shouted.

I have goosebumps when Enzo starts to sing. His voice is not even good, but my heart is racing.

Naiinis akong isipin na sinasaktan ka niya..

Siguro ay..

hindi niya, alam ang yong tunay na halaga…

looking at me. I don’t know, but I suddenly got nervous. I

them if we could go. When we go outside the private room, we are greeted

me, and, again, I was statued in my place. While we were going out, I saw the person that I wasn’t expecting to see.

arm from me. I gasped when Sunny caressed my

you’re here.." a classmate

join us?"

"No we are-- "

with my sentence when Enzo pulled

to sing?" asked

"Tricia!" volunteered Sunny.

looked at her deadly, and gave her the look

suggestion, even Maico and Zion are cheering for

Pat.." I glanced at Enzo who’s smiling widely at


dizzy with the nicknames they’re



The rest-Tricia


stage. All of

Pat!that's my

now heating up. I’m crazy if I

a song. I’m sitting on a high

Isip ko..Ay gulo..

Di alam ang gagawin..

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