Please Love Me

Chapter 17

"Woohoo!!!!" The students are shouting as we enter the gymnasium. There is an ongoing basketball game because this is the first day of school fest.

“Martinez! Shoot it for me!” I just shake my head while laughing. He’s charm is on the running again.

“Nice Trish, even here you have a lot of competitors against Enzo…” Sunny said while smirking.

“What are you talking about? He’s just my best friend?” I can feel my cheeks heating up. I just hope that Sunny won’t talk in front of the others.

“You sure?”

We sat in the bleachers near Enzo. The game is on the climax. This is the most excruciatingly loud crowd that I’ve ever heard!

"Zion Drake Mercado marry me!" I looked at the girl who shouted. She’s a nursing student with a petite body. In fairness, she’s pretty. Zion didn’t care though.

“Tss. Did she really think that Zion care?” Oh...I don’t think I’m the only bitter one here.

"Maico Ian Flores give me a child!!!!" I can’t help but to laugh when Maico gave a flying kiss to the cheerleader who shouted. Flirt!

"Perv.." She seems more irritated now?

dropped when Maico was hit by a ball on his

and Enzo are

what you get

dude.." Enzo teases

face was hit, not


you pass the ball when I was not

naughty! Enzo is about to shoot a free throw now. He looks, and winked at me. Is he trying to give me a heart attack? The giddiness is good only if he has plans to catch

mess right now. We can’t even go to them because they are surrounded with a lot of girls. When I reached Enzo, I immediately gave him a bottle

jealous..." Maico says while looking at

He smirked at Sunny, so

your body on the wall, so even




Maico shouted

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