Please Love Me

Chapter 16

Zion and I met with Zyrine at the mall. We ate in a seafood restaurant, and it was nothing, but fun. We are now walking in the parking lot because it’s kinda late now.

"Thanks for the time Tricia..let’s meet again." Zyrine smiled at me.

"Sure! anytime. Thank you.." She walked near me to hug me.

"By the way Zi take care of Tricia ah?" She gave us a mischievous smile causing Zion’s cheeks to redden. Seriously?the mysterious guy Zion Drake Mercado blushing?

"You two look good together.."She added. I think it is now my turn to blush because of what she said.

I gasped when Zion held my hand. He’s just quiet in his seat while smiling as every time he looks at me.

"Thanks for joining us Tricia.."

I frowned because I can’t understand why Zi is acting like this. He’s so serious and mysterious, so it’s hard to understand him sometimes. Plus, it’s so rare to see him acting like this.

"No problem, Zi. It was fun."

I stopped when I remembered Enzo. He rarely comes with me now. I’m hoping that it’s not just Monica


our classroom seeing my classmates minding their own business. I saw Sunny talking with her other friends. She immediately kisses my cheek when she

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say to her? That I’m too busy thinking of my heartbreak that’s why I forgot about

is not in

I sarcastically said

at the sight of her.

it, but there’s a part of me who says “don’t.” Still,

Sunny’s hiss beside me. She can’t

of how I can tell her that Enzo wants to

was about to move pass me

“Monica wait!”

it sucks! Just do this

happy that I have the courage to say it. She’s frowning, and

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