Please Love Me

Chapter 15

Enzo opened the car harshly. Really?

"Enzo wait.." He looked at me blankly.

"Your flowers..."

"Hold it.." I rolled my eyes at him. What’s his problem? Why did I end up holding another girl’s flowers?

"Wait Pat I’ll just find Zion and Maico."

I sat on one of the university’s benches.

“What are you doing here?” Sunny sat beside me. We don’t have classes today. She just answered me with a smirk while looking at the flowers I’m holding.

"Duh! Don’t we have a project now? We’re gonna be the caterer for the school’s anniversary!"


"Yeah...Tell me what happened." Why did I forget?

gave those flowers?" Should I tell her? I’m sure she will be

"Not mine.. Monica’s."

you crazy?!" I can’t

nothing nice

looked at

Tricia?If you expect the world to be fair with you coz you're fair, you're just fooling yourself. That's like expecting the Lion

She’s right…

My tears suddenly want to come out

won’t do anything, but just be fair to

quiet until Zion and

I looked at Sunny who is starting to turn red. What's happening

Tricia.." Zion greeted

here?" Maico is looking at

counting the mosquitoes.." Sunny!

you saw Zyrine? Let’s

tell me when

is here?!" Sunny’s eyes twinkled because she

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