Please Love Me

Chapter 14

And the haters gonna hate,hate,hate,hate,hate

Baby I'm just gonna



I shake it off,I shake it off…

I’m happily singing inside Enzo’s car. I guess this is what other people mean when they say “I woke up at the right side of the bed.”

"Pat stop it!!" Enzo is crazily laughing alongside me. Can I curse. Just a smile, and my whole world is disrupted again. He really looks handsome this morning… Why can I only appreciate this now?

I can see him staring at me while laughing. This is it! We start to sigh together while headbanging. Seriously? Taylor Swift song Shake it off turns into head bangers?

And fakers gonna


Baby I'm just gonna shake,shake,shake,shake,


I shake it off!shake it off..

We laughed hysterically.

"that was fun!i miss singing with you Pat.."

me? I don’t. He’s voice is really

you think I’m enjoying this, Enzo?” I seriously

He suddenly

song doesn’t want you

He looks cuter when he is

pinched his cheeks, so he was taken aback. Ninja moves? The hell am I

I love you" I’m used to him saying that

my bestfriend." He added. Ouch!

going?" I can’t help but

Why do you sound serious

friendzoned me! DO

"Why do you care?"

you’re shaking, and now you look like you lost a

we going?" He looks like he

"Flower shop."

wrong. My day

“Why are we here?”

Monica, and

Pat. I’m a certified

you think Pat is this pretty?” Enzo said while holding a

ugly." I thought we’re going to watch a movie. I hope I just

“What about these?”

"Not that..."

this is going to annoy

martyr best friend who agreed to be the bridge between her best friend and her classmate. Nice.

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