Please Love Me

Chapter 12

The rest of my day ended fine, so for a while, so I forgot the pain. We went to Flavours like how we decided. I went with Zi...

"Hi tita Connie!" Sunny greeted Mom happily. Zion and Maico did the same. However, Mom looked behind us. I think she’s looking for Enzo…

"Where's Enzo?" I can’t say anything… I was about to speak, but Zion already did.

"He’s coming..." Mommy just nodded at him.

"Why is Enzo not yet here?" I asked them.

"He's probably with that bitch.." Sunny said. I looked at her wide eyed while Maico is just eyeing her curiously.

"Got a problem with her?" I think Maico is curious why she is acting like that. Even I don't even know what she does.

"Right, sis. Got a problem? I noticed you're being harsh to her." Zion is just quietly listening to us.

"I do have Tricia..I know one day she will cause trouble to us.. to you.." I sshe Madam Auring to know what she is saying? she doesn't even now Monica.

know that?you

passed and Enzo did not come. We decided to

fetch you tomorrow

with Enzo. He always

face is so serious. I kinda feel guilty because he’s

time Zi..

Tricia. I'm very much willing to drive

me..." He drives his car

room.” Our

he doing here? I’m so mad at myself right now because no matter what he

I stopped for awhile, and run my fingers through my hair. My god!this is so not me. Why am I acting

can see enzo using


Pat. I just want to be

it Enzo, I know you need something. Spill it..” He’s at


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