Please Love Me

Chapter 11

Our first class ended alright, but I still feel sad.

“Let’s take a lunch,” Monica asked. I nodded at her. I am shocked when Sunny sounded disapproving. What’s her problem?

As the three of us go to the cafeteria, I can see Maico and Zion laughing while Enzo plays with another girl.

"Tricia!come here." Zion’s face is lit up, so I can't help but to mirror his expression. Maico laughed at Sunny, so he is greeted with a scowl. Enzo’s naughtiness is interrupted when he saw us.

"Who is she?" Zion asked. Oh, right. He wasn’t around when they met her.

I was about to introduce her when Enzo talked.

"Monica right?" I did not open my mouth when Enzo did. Zion just nods his head and pulled me towards him.

"Sunny let’s sit together..." In the end, they sat together.

"Monica, sit here.." Enzo pulled a chair for her. I saw how Sunny looked at him questioningly.

"What do you want Tricia?" Zion said eagerly.

"I’ll order for you guys!" Enzo butted in.

at him. I



why you always ask Tricia to pay

looked sideways because I feel like I’m

different. She' s special." No one talked. I feel better

Enzo..Make it fast.." Maico smiled awkwardly. Enzo went

Flavours later?" Zi

sis. I miss Aunt’s ice cream." Sunny second

a pig."

my gaze turns from him to

You fit together.."

close for you to comment that" My

and I laughed, and ignored what she said because Monica suddenly got quiet. I can see Enzo walking towards us with two trays on

He’s giving me a glass of strawberry shake and

that too." I was taken aback when Monica interrupted

Sunny answered her

Sunny!" Enzo’s voice echoed in the whole

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