Three days went by, and I’m annoyed. I thought I would relax, but I was wrong. Enzo guarded everything that I wore while Zi pushed me to snorkeling, diving, island hopping, etc. Sunny and Maico still argue like cats and dogs. And I couldn’t stop myself from looking at Enzo while he flirted nonstop.

We are currently making a bonfire in front of the hotel. I’m beside Zi whil Enzo is in front of me with a girl. I’m hurting. Why am i feeling like this?

This is insane!

“You ok?” Asks Zi while grilling a hotdog. I nodded.

“You freak! You burn it!” Sunny snapped at Maico while he laughs heartily.

“Hey! You always argue. You would make a great couple!” Enzo smirks at them.

“No way!” They look so cute.

“Chill! So defensive…” Now, it’s Zi who is smirking. From what I remember, it’s Zion whom Sunny likes.

you dude!" Maico shouts while raising his

let’s enroll together.”


pouts. She’s

Zi suddenly says

so serious while looking at what

joking right?” I can feel a hint

flight to catch…” He goes inside, and

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their business. Zion and I are a bit awkward

Uhm..where did Enzo go?

van Enzo rented. We


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