“Wooooooooooooo!!!!!” Sunny and I shout in unison as we raise our hands up to feel the air.

“White sand! Blue sea! Delicious food! Staying in a hotel! This is life Tricia!!” So Enzo to pester me! And no Zion and Maico!

Sunny and I walk through the shore…

“Trish! There are a lot of sexy people here!” we’re also sexy, aren’t we? We just don’t wear revealing clothes.

“Duh! We’re also sexy! But let’s just showcase it tomorrow. I’m tired. Aren’t you?” I smirked at him, so I raised my brow.

“Fine! I’m also tired!”

“Ah! Yum!”

“Trish? When will the three of them come? Hmm…” Seriously? Is she waiting for Enzo? For all I know she’s just waiting for Zi…

One message received

From: Enzo

you later Pat. Can't wait

heart is beating fastly I’ll probably have a nervous

To: Enzo

-Not excited! ;(

for him to text me back, but there’s nothing. He’s probably fooling

when I smell something. This isn’t Sunny. I feel weak because of the smell,

Enzo! Why are you here?"

rests his head on my headboard. I just noticed that he’s wearing a white vneck shirt and a boardshorts. Plus he’s in

released Sunny, Zion and Maico. Great! Just great! The other two boys run to me, and hug me.

Enzo said coldly. The three

two piece with a romper on top. I’m wearing the white two piece which Enzo

kinda awkward because a lot of guys

damn hot and sexy on your two piece! Everyone is

now. I unconsciously

have other clothes? Does the Philippines lack fabric?” He

We’re at the beach? What do you want me to wear? Baro’t saya?” It’s just yesterday when he told me that he was excited to see me in this, and now? What’s

problem, Marvie? I think I look good with

point! Change your clothes now!”

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