Mommy is now fixing my hair and makeup because an hour or two from now, Zion will come to our house to fetch me. I’m wearing a light pink tube gown. It’s kinda awkward because I’m not used to this.

“Tricia! You’re so beautiful…” my mom is so happy. I don’t do this often that’s why she’s probably at awe.

OMG i couldn’t believe that I could look like this…

“Wow! Is this really me?” I swirled around in front of the mirror. I could actually look pretty, huh? Mom nodded with a big smile on her face.

I stood up when our housemaid knocked.

“Ma’am Pat’s date is already here’

“Okay. Tell him that Tricia’s coming down.”

As I go down, I could see Zion looking at me intently...uhm??

“Hi Zi…Do I look ugly?” I snapped my fingers on his face when he remains immovable.

You’re so beautiful.” Oh

“Tita, we gotta go.”

“Take care, Zion, Tricia.”


keep on looking? Do I have

just look different

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humming when I remembered Enzo. Is he there already? What would be his reaction

nervous because there are a lot of seniors

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Enzo’s POV

Your date is really pretty!. You’re the man!” Maico exclaimed as he smiled at every girl who


slow! Tricia’s probably having a

She maybe a tomboy sometimes, but she’s really pretty. Well, what do you expect? She grows up with

Tricia doesn’t fix herself I know that you find her

at the entrance!”

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