Chapter 3

After we ate at Flavours, enzo and I went home together because we live in the same subdivision. Sunshine, too, actually. She’s not always with as though...her dad is so strict.

“Hey feeler! I gotta go now!” Does he think that i’ll forget when he called me ugly a while ago?

He stopped the car, but he went after me.

“Hey! What are you doing here? You have a mansion, but you like hanging out here.”

"You’re so grumpy, Pat! Do you have your period?"He smirked as he shuffled my hair. Geez. I can feel all the blood in my body going up on my face.

"You freak! Don’t you practice your perverted moves on me!” I went inside my room, and lie down on my bed. This is liiife... He suddenly lburst into laughter because of what I said. What’s so funny?

"Hahaha Patricia Jane Jimenez! Don’t be too assuming! Do you think I’ll make a move on you? Your boobs are even smaller than the bread I ate on breakfast!" I immediately touched my breasts. Does he have to shove that on my face? Hmp! I stood up from my bed, and looked at him deadly. Does he not know that I’m pissed already?

“Oh is that why you came here? Just to tease and say that my boobs are smaller than a bread? Get out of here!” I’m trying so hard to push him out of my room, but because he’s a guy, he didn’t move an inch.

out! I’ll

Dead again? No wonder you look like a walker..." He sat up properly, and looked at me, again, with his

a walker, huh?!" I got a pillow to smack him. And like

Pat! That’s too

together as we caught our breaths when

thought he’s just kidding, but when I looked at him, there’s not

We’re already grown ups. You can’t sleep here!" I sit up straight because I kind

sleeping together?" He also sat up straightly, and smirked at me


"You pervert!"

sleep at my room. But, hello? We’re in high school now. Plus, he really is a pervert. He flirts in front of me, then now he

me. I have to find a gown for tomorrow’s ball." He

Zion?" He looked in a different

why not?"

so handsome. Hmp." Gosh! He looks so epic! Though

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