Enzo fetched me after class. Good thing he is not with Sydney the glue! But...he is with Zion and Maico! His demonic friends! He’s really good at choosing his friends. All of them are sooo handsome, but as annoying as him! Ever since, it’s the three of them who are always together. And I’m with them, i get crazy!

“Hey! You guys are so loud!” I shouted. They are singing along with the music, but their voices! God! They’re voices are disgusting! Especially enzo, he sings to the top of his lungs like his voice is a melodica! They suddenly got quiet, and I just know that they are up to something bad.

“Hahahahahahahhaha!” they laughed synchronously. What? They just threw chips on me. Bullies!

“Tricia! You look like a Christmas tree!” Maico laughed at me hysterically. I rolled my eyes at him. Gosh!

“Motherfucker!” Zion reached for me, and help me remove the chips on my hair.

“Tsss…” Says Enzo

“You three!” I said as I pointed them. “Be ready! Once I grow up, you will fall in line so hard just to court me!” I am a battered friend when I’m with them.

“Don’t me Tricia. Possibly, Zion will.” Maico said.

Enzo abruptly stepped on the break, so both Zion and Maico butted heads with each other. I locked eyes with Enzo, and we just burst into laughters as the two of them hold their heads because of pain. Gosh! That was hilarious!

the fuck dude!” They both

are you three waiting for?” Enzo is really a bipolar! I didn’t know

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I’ll just get your desserts.” She said as she



for the three boys, and I can see Enzo and Maico flirting with other girls while Zion is just sitting beside me. The two flirts have the same attitude, but

“Okay, okay,” said Mom

ice cream is really delicious.” He just keep on eating that’s why my mom laughed

the ball is near. Who are

it. He looks at me,and I give him my peace sign. His flirtiness reaches the outer

“What again, Maico?”

do you have a

literally dropped his jaw. Ashley Hermosa was our highschool cheerleader.

you, zion? Who is your date?” I lost track of my thoughts when I feel Zion’s gaze

yet. I haven’t asked

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