Please Love Me

Chapter 1: Prologue

"The Player"


"Pat! You really are so so so so slow! Faster! Catch me!" Enzo shouted while running so fast that he stumbled and rolled just to get away from me.

I was then 10 years old while Enzo was 12.

Our parents are best of friends, that's why we’re always together. Like literally. However, we’re always cats and dogs as we always fight. Or rather, he always starts a quarrel. He is a freaking certified bully! But it is just I who he always bullies, and it is not really funny!

However, despite our fights, Enzo always coaxes and spoils me, that is why it is hard to be angry at him for a long time. Yup. He is really sweet and caring although he really has a lot of naughtiness in every bone in his body.

anymore. Let us just play hide-and-seek. Please! Please! Please!” I shouted at him while holding my knees to catch my breath.

me to play am I going to live

he is slowly approaching me with a very huge smile plastered on his face. Oh my gosh.

are literally jumping as you run! You are always eating, so no wonder

was a kid, as always, I approached my mom, and complained about him while crying really, really hard.

tita, Enzo is bullying me again. He is saying

tears build a river on my face. My mom chuckled at me, so I could not stop myself from pouting. While his

Pat. Stop bullying her,”

It is so obvious

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