Please Love Me, Mr. George

Chapter 115 It Is Not A Threat

I haven’t been here in a long time but could meet a few acquaintances in the elevator with simple greetings.

I met Nova as I got out of the elevator and she was in a long, slim dress. Her long hair draped over her shoulders, which looked sexy and provocative.

Being young is good and beautiful no matter how you dress up.

It looked like she was preparing to deliver some file, and when she saw me, she smiled politely. “Hello Mrs. Clara, are you going to visit Mr. Dennis?”


She was in a hurry to get into the elevator.

Rose, the manager of the finance department who was following me, “Are you afraid of having such a beautiful girl around your husband?”

Rose was in her forties and was considered a senior white-collar worker at the George Group, with a high salary and a well-maintained husband who is a rich man. She too.

I smiled, looking at the closed elevator door.

“What? She’s only in her twenties and there is no doubt that her future is promising that she will not break her future for a married man.”

“Women who don’t want money are the ones who are the most terrible, those who want money can still use it to dominate better than those who don’t want anything are difficult to deal with.” Said Rose.

‘Maybe he is so outstanding.’ I smiled and left no words.

Dennis was in a meeting and there was no one in his office, so I went straight to Mario’s who was always free in the company.

After knocking several times at the door there was no answer. I was just about to leave but the door opened.

His was looked haggard with unkempt hair as well as grown beard. The white shirt turned little yellow.

The papers were piled up on the floor. “What’s going on?”

He as a doctor, was obsessive about cleanliness. Why the room is so...