Please Love Me, Mr. George

Chapter 108 High Fever

I raised up my head to look into his eyes, from which I could see the reflection of my own, “Make you suffer?” I paused and sneered, “Yeah, you are right. Commonly speaking, you should spend your romantic hours with your true love at this moment. But Daisy called you back. It is a suffering for you.

I turned a blind eye to his horrible looking face. Then I said with hypocritical apology, “I am so sorry. I promise it won’t happen again. It’s getting late. Please return to her side. I mean the one you truly love. I gotta sleep now.”

“Clara!” he tried hard to hold back his burning anger, “You never stop insinuating, huh?”

I frowned mockingly, “Sorry, you are just being too suspicious. How dare I insinuate?”

“You!” his anger turned into a weird smile. He held me up from the water and threw me onto the bed.

I grabbed the quilt to cover myself up. He sneered, “Now you feel shy for being naked?”

I simply ignored him with my lips pressed. I looked around the bed and found no clothes. Then I saw him took off his own drenched jacket.

As his shirt also got mostly drenched, it literally clung to his strong chest muscle, which looked quite tempting. I frowned, “Dennis, no! I don’t want to.”

He paused while unbuttoning his shirt. Then he sneered, “You seem to overestimate my energy.” He cast me a cold glimpse and huffed, “Don’t worry. I am not a hormone-driven monster.”

As he took off his shirt, threw it aside, unbuckled his belt and took off his pants. Then I noticed a horrible scar on his back as he bent over, which stunned me.

It must be a terrible air crash.

He threw his pants aside. Of course, he also noticed that I was gazing at his scar. He frowned, “I never regretted whoever I protected at that moment.”

I was speechless and shifted my gaze off from him. Then I pulled the quilt over my head.

But then I paid the price for my tantrum. During the small hours, high fever started to haunt me. I was getting dizzy and burning thirsty. I scrambled around on the bed and almost fell off.

Luckily, Dennis acted quickly enough to grab me and pull me back onto the bed. He seemed to be woken up just now. His husky voice sounded, “What’s wrong?”