Please Let Me Go

Chapter 12 It's Good to Have a Strong Background

Adelaide cleaned the room. Damla had already become Clarissa’s supporter, chasing behind Clarissa all the time. Now she looked more like a dog instead of a human.

Nevertheless, in this way, Adelaide didn’t have to worry. In order to maintain her figure as a reasonable and virtuous woman, Clarissa would still be polite to Adelaide.

Now she could feel happy as long as she touched her belly. This was probably the connection between the mother and the son. Adelaide liked this feeling very much.

Damla didn’t prepare food for her deliberately. She would walk to the supermarket to buy lots of milk and supplement. As long as she told others that she was pregnant and paid some money, there would always be some kind people who helped her carry the stuffs to the cab.

After they finished eating, Adelaide would make her own food and wash the dishes. Her life was very content and happy. After the meals, she would make herself a cup of hot milk, and she felt that she looked fatter in front of the mirror.

This day Antonio woke up early and went to the company and Damla went to buy stuffs. There were only Adelaide and Clarissa in the house.

After heating up the milk, Adelaide didn’t want to talk to Clarissa at all, so she went back to the room in a hurry.

Before she drank the milk, the door was knocked. She knew who it was without guessing. When there was nobody, the two’s daily routine was quarreling and throwing things around.

The doctor said the first three months of pregnancy was especially important. A careless move might lead to miscarriage. The baby was the only hope that she kept being strong. She was too lazy to argue with the person outside.

Adelaide thought the person outside would understand the silence and leave when she lost interest. However, Adelaide really underestimated her sister’s skill as a shrew.

in there. How dare you keep staying in Antonio’s house with an


mother gave birth to a little bitch like you. Now you are

mother was treated unjustly.

she could not accept someone

the bedside table, searching within. She then picked up a red book and walked to

spouse and you’re just a mistress. Whether or not the child in your belly is Antonio’s remains to be investigated. Even if it is, the baby is illegitimate. Second, this is my

became red after saying all those words, but her eyes were so clear

so, why would dad bring you to do the DNA test back then,

of blushed rage the moment


wound. Being doubted by her biological father was such a great pain. Although she told herself that it was nothing and Clarissa would only use those mean measures to uncover her wound, yet she still couldn’t look straight into

there’s no wave without the wind. It’s your mother who’s


You’re just an illegitimate child


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