Please Let Me Go

Chapter 201 Adelaide’s Answer

Oscar entered the office of Antonio with documents in his hands. He said to Antonio, "Mr. Antonio, tomorrow we are going to negotiate with a company in Hong Kong for cooperation. I have booked a plane ticket, and we will take a flight to Hong Kong in the afternoon."

And then Oscar stood there and waited for his answer. However, Antonio just looked out the window, and it seemed that he didn’t intend to answer him.

Oscar had to ask him, "Mr. Antonio, shall we start off now?"

Antonio turned back, but he didn’t look at Oscar or answer him. He just looked at his own fingers with his head down. After a while, he said to Oscar slowly, "I am busy. I will go to Hong Kong in two days."

Oscar was a bit anxious, "Mr. Antonio, it is very... " He wanted to tell him that it was very important, but he was interrupted by Antonio coldly, "Don’t you understand what I say?"

Oscar had to shut up. In his opinion, Antonio was seldom so annoyed. If he was annoyed like this when he talked with him about work, he would be in an extremely bad mood.

Oscar wasn’t silly, so he wouldn’t keep talking about it with him.

He left and then closed the door of his office.

After he left, Antonio looked out the window again.

It was noisy outside the window, with busy traffic and tall buildings. And his eyes were deep.

Last night, he gave up finding Adelaide in the bar when she didn’t answer his call. On the contrary, he drove himself home.

He waited for Adelaide for a long time as before. However, she didn’t come back this time.

Therefore, he stayed up all night.

he already guessed that she wouldn’t come back home last

he entered the bar, he saw Aadam, who hugged a

why she

sad before. However, he really felt sad because

know that I will go there to meet you. Why are you

it for the whole night. Actually, he didn’t dare to think about it too much. They

think too much about it. Otherwise, his self-esteem

he couldn’t help thinking about it.

spilled into his bedroom through the window glass, which made

scenery. So he went to work after freshening

the window in a daze

5:00 pm by checking

while, and then

was his guess, and it might not

to know the answer, and he wanted Adelaide

like a child full of curiosity, and he wanted to


this time, Damla was cooking in the kitchen while Adelaide

the TV, so she didn’t notice that Antonio entered the

and said to her, "Damla, go back to your bedroom. You don’t need to cook for us tonight." He said to her slightly, but it worked. Damla didn’t ask him why she didn't need to cook.

walked up to Adelaide slowly and then sat down by her

was startled, and she shivered

was nervous, she tried to

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