Please Be Gentle With Me Mr Grant

Chapter 203 Blanca’s call

After Matthew came in, Curtis was right in the middle of meal. He walked toward Curtis, looking stern. Hearing footsteps, Curtis looked up to him in amazement. “Mr. Grant, why are you here? Shouldn’t you be…” Curtis kept his mouth shut when he saw Matthew looking so angry.

“Tell everyone! Blanca is not allowed to resign,” said Matthew with a cold tone.

“Yes, Mr. Grant!”

When Matthew was just about to leave, Curtis’ phone rang. Curtis glanced down at the screen and found the call came from Blanca. He looked at Matthew in perplexity and said, “It’s Mrs. Grant.”

Matthew froze for an instant, looking mildly surprised. He still was angry and didn’t want to answer the phone, but Curtis knew nothing about what had happened between them. So, he picked up and put Blanca on speakerphone.