Please Be Gentle With Me Mr Grant

Chapter 189 My Sweet Wife

Blanca's heart beat fast. She had never been so nervous like now. The villa they got to was the one she came to with Matthew the day before yesterday, but she had no opportunity to see Ernest Butler at that time.


Of course...

Blanca thought Matthew's question was like nonsense. She was so nervous that her hands were full of cold sweat. No matter what the result would be, she had to take this opportunity to find out her identity.

"I... I'm a little scared." Blanca told Matthew calmly. She began to trust Matthew. She was really nervous and told Matthew frankly. Matthew had thought that she would be angry after hearing his question, but he didn't expect that she would be so honest.

A smile appeared on his handsome face. Then he put his big hand on Blanca's shoulder and pulled her into his arms. His voice was unusually gentle and charming. "Don't be nervous. I will... protect you, my sweet wife."