Please Be Gentle With Me Mr Grant

Chapter 181 Chicken Soup


Blanca was feeling joyful - Matthew had indeed remembered that she loved the soup Mrs. Brown made. She was feeling sweetness in her heart.

But the next minute, her smile started fading away and she started feeling awkward as she noticed the way Mrs. Brown was looking at her.

This was Matthew’s unique way of telling Mrs. Brown that Blanca got laid last night and that she needed the extra nutrition.


Blanca kept her head down the whole time at breakfast as she was afraid to look at Matthew. She was worried that he might bring up what had happened last night - She was the one that made the first move.

“Did you have enough?” Matthew put down his spoon already. He didn’t eat much as usual. Besides, food, for him, was all about energy supply. So it didn’t matter too much what he was having.