Please Be Gentle With Me Mr Grant

Chapter 176 Being kidnapped

Blanca looked wildly around and found that she was surrounded by darkness. She felt her heart pounding faster. She looked at Mr. White in alarm. “What do you want?” Blanca asked, terror in her face.

Mr. White rose from his chair, and strode toward Blanca. While she saw the horrible look on his face, Blanca took an automatic step backward, but Mr. White took a step forward and put a hand on her shoulder. Blanca gave a little shuddering gasp. Standing in such a dark, dreadful, and depressing place, she looked extremely nervous.

At this moment, Mr. White leaned towards Blanca and said, “Relax, Blanca! I have known the truth. Let’s face it. It would be good for both of us.” They got so close that Blanca could hear his heavy breathing and could see the look in his eyes. His eyes were now frankly malignant, which made her frightened.

She was handcuffed and couldn’t fight back. After a short moment of reflection, she said, “Well, I’m tired, Mr. White. I refuse to answer your questions. And there’s no need to question me if you have had any proof.”