Please Be Gentle With Me Mr Grant

Chapter 172 I Don’t Care for The money

After saying this, Blanca raised a smile and said, "Zoe, would you please use your head before setting someone else up? You know, it doesn’t become true just because you say it.”

Blanca narrowed her eyes slightly, like a sharp leopard.

Zoe immediately got speechless, she looked at Anna for help, but Anna ignored her. After a while, Zoe said, “Blanca, do you think you can clean yourself up in a few words? This matter has been reported to the police and you won't get away with it!!”

“Me get away with it? Let me ask you something, as the wife of the chairman, how much money do you think I can make selling your ideas? Would I care about that money?” Blanca hated being wronged more than anything in her life, so she forgot that she needed to be modest. Because she came from a poor family, she was often looked down upon, but Blanca hated it when people with prejudice framed her up for no reason.

“…” Zoe got speechless.

The noise was too loud, and Zoe had not closed the door when she entered, which she did in purpose. She wanted everyone to see what Blanca was like, she wanted everyone to blame her, but she didn't expect Blanca to be so glib!