Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 40 Blood moon Tale

Percy’s Point of View

There in the darkness through the silver bars that Percy could perceive and the person stood in front of him surprised the imprisoned werewolf. That grey hair and tall feature. The dark aura around him and that colour of his eyes, gold and wild like a wolf. Lucien stood before him, his hands in his pocket and a sneer Lucien had on his face.

"L-Lucien" Percy stuttered, trying to confirm since it was dark in the dungeon.

"The one and only" he said casually and moved closer, inspecting the strength and quality of the prison bars.

"How did you get here?!" Percy exclaimed. "Do you know how dangerous this place is?"

"Uh please" the grey wolf laughed with arrogance. "Even after five thousand years, the defence of this city is still trash. Can you believe it? One guy guarding the entrance! It's like they're asking to be attacked."

"I thought you already went back home" Percy said. Part of him was relieved to see his kin again. Yet he was still ashamed for what he had done and now he couldn't bring himself to face Lucien.

"No werewolf is left to die Perseus!" Lucien suddenly snapped, despite where he was. "The day you returned to your goddess again, I expected this would come. Have you learned now Perseus? That only your people love you?"

Percy sighed.  A current of sorrow filled his heart and flowed through every deep aspect of his mind. Even though now thinking of Artemis, it hurt him still and perhaps it would never end. But the truth was the truth. That she betrayed him and had built a wall between them and he regretted it. For that pain he carried and the fire of wrath again burned inside him added him the courage to face his kindred and he spoke.

"My worst mistake was to ever trust a god. Only if I listened to you and now I'd have been reunited with our people. I'm no right to beg for forgiveness. But by moment of fury I took an oath of vengeance. Hereby I ask you to release me from this chain so I can fulfil my oath; for I can't rest in peace if I relinquish it."

And there Lucien, looking at a prince in front of him and the excitement filled his heart. For long he hoped Percy would realise his folly and return to the light and he waited hopelessly. But now by the lesson he had learnt and Lucien was moved. There he stepped forward and his arm transformed to a werewolf's, cladded with smooth grey fur and supernatural strength and muscles. His lethal sharp claws cut through the bars like a hot knife through butter and in a blink of eyes, Percy was free.

Lucien dropped on one knee and supported his kin.

"Your mistake is shameful yet it's like a sandcastle before a big wave. For your oath I would not let you stand alone because of my promise to bring you home and no werewolf break their promise."

Percy smiled and held on his hand as Lucien pulled him to his feet. The moon glowed more intense as his strength slowly recovering and the fire burned more fiercely than ever before. He stepped out from the dark cell and navigated a way to escape.

"Though I say to take vengeance" Percy said. "We alone can't achieve it. Also I don't intend to die here by recklessness. We shall escape but will sure inflict destruction on our road"

Lucien smirked for long he waited to hear Percy's words. Now he had the opportunity to take revenge on the gods for so long he waited. The moment was like a wolf inside a farm of sheep.

From there to their left was the entrance which Lucien came, but to the right and below was a deep dungeon with things that growled and howled at night and terrified the guards. A smile appeared on Lucien face.

"And I know just a way for us to escape"

Lucien leaped into his wolf form, a powerful and lethal of a warrior. Long since Percy last saw that grey fur that glowed in the dark, long he had not looked upon the brutal beast he once trained with. Lucien grinned as his sharp fangs and teeth exposed and he sprinted to the darkness afar, into the dungeons below and Percy stared at him in confusion.

For a minute passed and Percy heard the sound of metals clashing against each other until Lucien came back and pulled him aside into the dark cell again. But this time he did not come alone for a wild run of other creatures that followed him and Percy would've been stormed to death if Lucien didn't save him. There Lucien unleashed the creatures that were still imprisoned upon Olympus, awaiting for judgment. They stormed through the stairs of the dungeon and the fire grew dim by their feet thundering on the cobblestones and their eyes filled with fire of hatred for the gods. There they stormed through the darkness like bees leaving their nest, freeing more and added into their group and they sprung into the street of Olympus, whom citizens were still oblivious of what dooms that were coming. And the first step of Percy vengeance completed, and the lines of the prophecy came true.

Artemis at the time was wandering around the street, trying to find away to sneak into the prison and fix her promise, or at least to contain Percy's wrath. Though her mind was clouded with concerns, the lights of the busy street of Olympus never stopped amaze her. The fair city long withstood by the flow of time, the marble stone cladded with precious gems and white wall engraved with history of the earth. At night, by the light of the lamps and touches and other sources, the city glowed like a second moon upon the cloud and its people prospered and lived in splendour.

But the red moon ever grew strong and she looked with dismay. For no tidings came of thread, yet the warning was still there. Only if tonight could go peacefully, and perhaps for once the Fates were wrong.

Then out of the cold, of the noises of laughter and trade upon the boisterous street, a dreadful scream defiled it. Then from the slope that lead towards the palace, the citizens started pouring down with fear embraced them. Behind them, the shadow grew tall and terrible on the wall.

Artemis's eyes widened as the fell creatures appeared behind them and through their malice, they defiled the fair street of Olympus. For the next moment was a blur of chaos and the citizens were taken unaware. Some were slain at the spot, some were stormed to death by the escape of the hell and the blood marred the stone and the once fair wall. Artemis fought and waylaid the monster path of destruction, buying time for the vulnerable citizens to escape. But her arrows were overwhelmed by their number.

No place was safe in the city save the palaces of gods. The foes stormed into the house, no barricades could constrain them and they burned and ransacked and slaughtered anyone in sight. The gods now were aware and the guards poured through the city. Not in a million year Olympus had withheld such a sight, not in time through its names and legendary had ever crown that title, a battlefield. Under the red moon, the Olympian warriors began their slaughter and many citizens were caught in between the carnage. The scream filled the air, the metal clashes vibrated the city created a catastrophe of death.

The fire grew ever higher and the scream never ended. The houses collapsed by the destruction and the gardens fell dead. The smoke rose like a cloud from the White city and the palaces rushed in haste.

Now the lines of the prophecy wrapped around Artemis, as she witness the slaughter of Olympus and her face darkened. For now fear was not in the description of her mind but terrified and she thought of Percy. There she took her run, through the perils and the hazardous paths of the street of Olympus at the time to find the only person that was dearest to her heart.

Percy and Lucien now wandering through the street of Olympus and witness the result of their doing. For Lucien laughed in satisfaction of his malice, the joy he long seek once he got his vengeance. But Percy now was terrified. He never killed a person unjustly save the monsters from Tartarus. Yet from the blood, the corpses that were stained and unrecognisable, a thrill of guilt now filled his heart. The street laid silent, for now it was a graveyard of the unburied save for the creaking of fires. Far away he could still hear the screams of despair, the battle cries and the clangour of swords and they bleed his heart. He saw a child laid upon the white stone. She was young, so young to enjoys and fill in her heart the wonder of the world and now she was cloaked and wrapped in the pool of her blood and Percy was disoriented. He looked around him, of the death and the destruction and he regretted the oath he once took. Though some betrayed him, yet there were the innocents and he did not take that into his account. He thought vengeance was good, he thought it could somehow cool the flame of wrath inside him. It did. But the consequences were what he did not perceive and want to witness. For though it was beyond cruelty and since his heart was still pure and never experienced the cruelty of the world. It broke him more than what Artemis had set upon him. These deaths his hand did not touch, but he was the cause and he inflicted upon them. The White city marred by blood, the fair city turned to hell and Percy stood there, in the middle of no where and grieved for them.

Then Lucien came to him and looked with dismay.

"Nay you mourn for the Olympians!" He said. "For long they did the same cause to our people! Now they have a taste of their own medicine. Shouldn't you be content for your oath has been fulfilled?"

"But they were innocent Lucien" Percy looked at him. "If I knew it would come down to this, I wouldn't have taken the oath that day."

"What you did is already done!" Lucien sighed though he was frustrated of how weak Percy was. "Quick! We must get away from here while time is still in our favour. The monsters won't buy time for long. Chance to grieve is plenty but to escape is only once!"

through narrow vales, trying to avoid the fighting as much as possible even though it was against Lucien's heart. Percy legs followed him, yet

to the gate, a sudden spear flew at them. Lucien dodged it in time and from both

slipped a grin as he crackled his knuckles

good fighting. Come you Olympians! Let's see whose strength

There Percy was assail by the Olympians. As three of them approached him and about to hew off Percy's head with their great axes from behind unnoticed. But their movements suddenly stopped by the time Percy realised presences behind him and turned back only to confront a sharp blade that was millimetres from his forehead. But the metal

and she casted on herself a shadow that he could not gaze upon her face. But he could sense that unmistakable scent and the way she held her bow.

she walked down the hill, but her step caught speed and they turned to a sprint and Percy just walked up to her like a child that was lost. He was glad to see her, for the fire in his heart now filled with dreads

he searched for

neck and buried her face on his hair. Percy strength gave out the moment he was wrapped in her scent again and he dropped on his knees. He buried his face on her chest, and as suddenly, the watergate opened

said in panic, his heart quenched as he remembered the unnumbered tears

his raven hair and held him closer. "Shh I'm here okay. You're not responsible for any of this. It's

I'm the

her care and embraced him with her warmth as her smooth words brushed  his hair. It felt so right to be

her. Not the love that held him, restrained his heart from leaving her but also his survival instincts to stay with her. And all of a sudden, his sobbing turned quite

pushed Artemis aside and stood in front of her, his arms extended as shield. The brutal

doom!" Lucine gritted his teeth, the

with a quite tone. "I

collar and snarled at his face. "How many more time do you have

love her Lucien" Percy said with a soft voice and it seemed pathetic even more

to receive wrong information. But she knew the reality, and it told her the truth. He loved her. The words quenched her heart and strange feelings filled her. A sensation exploded in her as if she felt something bursted inside. Though what remain was just a memory, yet it still replayed clear and loud in her mind those words and she found courage and strength. Artemis

Lucien who glared at her and his eyes burned

her but Percy stepped on his path and he knocked Percy to the ground with a

to kill but Artemis mind was set upon Percy whom laying lifeless on the ground. And she was pinned down by Lucien brutal strength and as her

you understand that he belongs to his people!?" Lucien snapped. "What did he

decision to live with who he chooses." Artemis matched his tone, despite her death


and squeezed it with her strength to emphasise her words

through the solid marble floor. Lucien looked upon the hill and an army was now marching down and he knew even though his strength was great, the odds were against

Artemis by the throat and threw her to the ground as she landed next to Percy. Artemis crawled, despite the choking and the relief of air yet Percy's safety was all her concern and she shook him. Calling his name until his eyes blinking opened. But before he could speak to her, Lucien

despite the pain at his jaw and he

her was her people that were coming to snatch him away from her forever. For so even going with Lucien was not wise, at least Percy could live. And

he did not ask nor yield for Artemis help. The fact that having her following them was already set his firsts clenching. But Artemis knew what struggle he had; so she came to Percy side and clung his arm around her neck and shared the weight with Lucien as they supported Percy toward the gate. Percy was many days starved and lost most of his strength. The moment he was free, because of the wrath and heart for vengeance he did not care of the strength he had left. Yet after the stumble upon realisation and the moment Artemis warmth wrapped him, he knew how weak he was and

for Artemis could only teleport once they were out of the city. The Olympians came near and they brought closer Percy's doom. Artemis even saw the nervousness on Lucien face to which she knew that they had only one option left. Someone had to stay. She looked at Percy, for the hope was still in his eyes

at her in surprise but she stared at them in

were added with strength" she told them. "I'll hold them, take that time and get as far from here as possible. Paecus will help you

protested as he tried to reach her, to stop

she smiled, they sparkled with tears as she touched his

maybe our last but I want to tell you this, for my courage was lost that day. I never intended to betray you or hold any thought to do so. For my folly and careless I led doom to you.

a soft voice and held her cheek. His thumb brushed her soft skin and he tried to contain the tears. "Come

in. But if she did, she would risk his chance to survive. Perhaps Lucien was right. It was time for her to


him. Artemis looked at Lucien eyes and he nodded and started

and called for her name but she just stood there with a smile upon her lips and stared at him. She did not tell him how she felt for him yet. But perhaps it was for the best and she wanted him to bury

one last time and with her dagger, she charged at

~The end~

It was just a joke. Don't kill

path was sodden of Percy's tear and Lucien did his best to prevent Percy from running back. His persuades and counsel was ignored by Percy and he just keeps calling Artemis name. Until Lucien had to

wind awoke Percy an hour  after they had settled down and he looked around disoriented. Then the memory came to him and he tried to run back again. But this time Lucien was clever than that. A rock flew out from

you huh?" Lucien growled. "Death

to crawl away but Lucien brought Percy to face him again. And he slapped Percy with such force that knocked him to the

you know that! Stand up

of the stupid rivalry between his people and hers. Now because of the rivalry that they were separated and perhaps would

touch it. But she was gone. Though he had no intention to come back to Olympus, he had no interest to return to his people

As night falling winter had come without a star. Here in time he would dwell, bound to him grief, under the fading trees, until all the world had changed and the long years of his life would be utterly spent. He dropped on his knees and stared at the darkness before him and imagined of a swift and painful death. So he could carry along that pain but not the

and he stared up with wonder. As the light disappeared, his eyes slowly

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