Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 32 Tale of Lives Gamblers

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"Now I know why you don't want to leave her" Lucien stated, glancing at the unconscious Artemis.

Does he has an interest on her?

"Back off man" Percy turned to him with a snarl. "She's not for you"

"Dude relax" Lucien grinned, throwing his hands in surrender. "She's not my type. I'm different race remember? We hate gods."

Percy didn't say. He just glanced back at the goddess that he had dear too much. She was breathing hard, sweats soaked her skin like she just had a shower. Her weak breathe came out uneven like something had stopped her respiratory system. Percy stroke her cheek with his finger, her hand still held tightly on his as if she was afraid he would leave again. The arrow vibrated every time her chest rises.

"We gotta do something" Percy said.

"Do what" Lucien asked, shoving his hands in his pocket. "I'm not a healer."


She kept saying his name, though her eyes still closed with her consciousness. Percy held tight on her, a brick of tear threatened to fall.

"I won't let her die Lucien" Percy glanced at his friend, who looked back with everything but sympathy.

"She brought the Olympians here Perseus" He said. "How many times does it take for you to understand that she's a timing bomb."

Percy glanced at the pile of dust, the remain of a hunger called Orion. He still perfectly remembered everything in the transformation. Usually he wouldn't know a single detail. He remembered that terrified look on Orion face as two claws slashed at him, how Percy snatched Orion head out from his neck and watched him crumble to dust.

"I love her Lucien" Percy admitted. "She gave me the power to control myself. I wouldn't have if it wasn't for her."

Lucien snorted. "Then perhaps now you should spend your last moment to say your goodbye to her."

"How could you say such a word" Percy snapped.

"It is true Perseus" Lucien responded with equally tone. "She's nothing but a burden. If she dies then there's nothing between you and your return to our people. Isn't it a win win? She dies, you come back to us and live happily ever after amongst your race."

Percy rose as he bellowed and held Lucien collar shirt, lifting him off the ground as he bared his teeth.

"Is it your heart that cold" Percy bared his teeth, hissed at the sight of his cold blooded friend. "Why can't ease the hatred towards her? What's she done to you?"

gold and pushed Percy backward. He cracked his neck, his

the lesson from us Perseus. We used to help them, we did everything just to make them better, stronger. We used to share the goods and the brotherhoods. The gods yet can't change their nature. That greedy blood flow amongst their people. One day she will betray you, just like her people did five thousand years

He had to save her, he had passed too many obstacles, endured enough loneliness just to see her. He wouldn't let her get away again. The tight in his chest as he picked her up in his arms. He carefully not

started walking to the entrance of

Perseus!" Lucien yelled behind him. "You're shaming yourself. You

Yes I'm confused!

thought as he held on Artemis a little tighter. He loved her, and yet he knew he

heart, and that she was hurt

come back here!" Lucien voice ranged at his ears. "You're walking

stepped out of the forest, he would be hunted down immediately. Also with a wounded Artemis, they would shoot him down at

after him, but before he could say a thing, a pink light

Perseus, where

her jaw in shock as

to them. She checked

was Orion" Percy said, but inside, he wanted to

back to camp" Aphrodite said. "I will

face of his wolf friend when he realised his acquaintance with yet, another Olympian. Percy could sense

survive this time

long forgiven Artemis, had long forgotten

and both

around and remembered how much he had missed this place. The infirmary was like a second base for him at camp that he had landed here several times in the past.

Apollo" Aphrodite clicked her tongue with a frown of frustration. Percy didn't realise it before, perhaps because Artemis and Aphrodite always argued like fire and water. But when it comes down to

made Percy closed his eyes. Apollo appeared with an annoyed

the Lazy Prince has shown up" Aphrodite sneered.

God scowled with frustration. "Ever since in blurted that prophecy, Zeus has

eyes closed. It been long since the last time

eyes traveled to

tommy sister!" He bellowed,

Apollo turned back and

said, his voice low but dangerous. The folded fists already glowed with power. "Why did

him was scared when that sun god gets mad. "I've made him

anger perhaps loosened a little. "Good cause I'd have

over a dead guy and attend a dying person?" Aphrodite groaned in annoy.

Artemis on a bed, Apollo started chanting over the arrow as Percy held on her hand. It was cold, so cold that it numbed his fingers. Artemis winced as the arrowed was pulled out, a faint golden light wrapped around her as the wound eased and stopped gushing blood. Apollo examined the tip of the black arrow, a sudden anger came

stated and gripped onto the

wound. There was no abnormalities in the blood, still golden. But still her face was pale, perhaps it was the

was designed to be unnoticeable" Apollo told them. "Unless you know about medicine, than there's no way you

you do anything?"

snapped and when to check on her. He grimaced and shook his

don't know this type of poison." Apollo said. "And it's already affected her

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