Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 31 Tale of Encounters

Artemis’s point of view

Artemis had to admit she was glad Orion came back. The moment she saw him, all her mind and emotions flood back into one place. She missed him, she mourned his death. Now seeing him in front of her, it all came back to the day he died, and the day she realised she loved him.

Orion was her first love. Now with his return, the need to find Percy suddenly disappeared within her. She had slowly lost that feeling toward the werewolf....

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Artemis had to admit Orion was a good tracker. Ever since he joined her on the quest of finding Perseus, his skills made her come closer to the werewolf. The hunters surely didn't please with his presence. Even Zoë was not comfortable. As about Artemis, it was her that caused up this mess. She never liked Orion, since she discovered him had a feeling towards her more than just friends. She turned him into a constellation out of sympathy, and it did not make Apollo happy.

The two advanced deep into the wood, Artemis followed behind him as she tried to catch any scene of that idiot wolf of hers. Artemis had punished herself with that guilt and regret ever since Percy left. Even Aphrodite was angry with her since she'd developed feelings towards Perseus as well, with did not appease Artemis in anyway. Artemis had promised herself that no matter what, she would never be the cause of him to leave again. Surely she'd hurt him because of his stupidity, but break him in any core would never occur. He was her wolf, and he was her responsibility to keep him with her. A voice came that brought Artemis out of her thought.

"You know I'm actually glad that you accepted me into the hunt again"

"It was just an other from my father" Artemis said coldly as she avoided looking at him. "I did not wish to have a male travelling with us"

"Yet you had me before" Orion smirked.

"Do not bring it up Orion" Artemis snarled. "You should be appreciated your life at the moment. Don't waste it!"

"Fine" he threw his hands in surrender. "Just trying to lighten the mood"

They walked in silence for a moment. It was a bit strange walking with Orion at the time. Something about him that she couldn't understand, perhaps she never would. She cared more about Perseus. Someone might have mistaken that she had a feeling for Orion, that was why Apollo drove him mad. But Artemis never did, only now she had just recently her feeling to a wolf boy. Yet she's driven him away.

Orion suddenly stopped as he picked up a broken stick and examined it. Artemis gleaned around, she knew they were close, so close that her blood moved with excitement yet fear.

"Something strange" Orion muttered. "This werewolf has different scents."

Artemis knew sooner or later Orion would track Perseus down, not unless she found him first. At that point she didn't require Orion help anymore. Percy was somewhere within those woods, he was close to her reach. She needed to separate herself from Orion before both of them finding Percy together. She was certain he would kill Percy before she could stop.

"I think we should spread out" Artemis suggested. "It's easier to find that way"

"Are you sure" Orion turned to her. "We're now in its territory. It could ambush us in any moment. Fighting it alone is kinda dangerous"

"You dare to question my ability Orion?" Artemis snarled.

"I just wanted to remind you to be careful" Orion stood up as he threw the stick away. "After all, I wouldn't want you to get hurt with my presence"

"Say that again I dare you" She hissed, her dangers were ripping out of her skin.

He said no more and summoned his black bow, it shines with intimidation and  glory. The fear for Percy travelled down her spine.

"Your choice" he said. "But remember I'll be watching you"

With that, he took off ahead leaving Artemis to contemplate a plan to save her wolf.

Another day with another argument. Percy walked toward the stream as he threw a stone across its surface. If only that Lucien knew how he felt, he wouldn't be yelling at him.

Two months stuck in one forest was already torturous enough for Percy. Every morning he'd wake up with his body ached like boulders had dropped upon him. At night, he would try to transform that nearly broke every single bones inside his body.

He tried, he did tried with all his will, but every transformation was just too painful to endure. Lucien said if he could let go off that stupid memory, then it wouldn't hurt. But Percy didn't even know what it was to begin with. All he knew that now he needed someone, someone that could cheer his spirit up even with scolding.

Surely Lucien was annoying enough. He couldn't stop ranting at Percy ears of how important he was and his destiny. Even scolding was Lucien effort to wake Percy. But Lucien wasn't the person he needed to scold at him.

He missed her.

that impulsive decision he made that day. No matter how many one he got mad at her, how many time he wanted to get away from her. Yet that invisible chain always connected his soul to her. He couldn't get away from her no matter what, it's not that he wanted to. He needed her, even when she wanted to kill him all the

feel bore. Everyday spending with her was like another adventure, even though at the end of the day,

return, but considering putting his life on the line made him hesitated. If there was one lesson he'd learnt ever since leaving Leto was this. To survive at all cost. He wouldn't risk coming

image, blurred image on the stream surface in front of him. That auburn hair, smearing by the water. The undefined yet unmistakable silver eyes shined on the water like two mini-moons under the

expect find, a really mad Artemis was there, standing

uttered in words, that only Artemis gritted her teeth so hard that

She ranged, landing her foot on his back that knocked in head to toes onto the stream. He turned around, only to find a goddess jumped onto his

idiot, you bloody dog trashy male!" She punched, so hard that nearly cracked every rib, that break

to say her name, but a fist connected his jaw that sent him drinking water.

could see

she punched again and again with all her rage flooded out, even her sadness and relieve. He let her hurt him, not because he was stupid, but he saw

his collar and ready to blow him another. Percy was pretty beaten up at that point. He closed his eyes, embraced to

she hugged him

between them. Percy was utterly shocked that he just widened his eyes, his mouth just opened in

ripped on his back that made holes

"Artemis I...."

he come up

me" he managed to

right" Artemis said. "Of course when I get angry, I never think straight. And you always find pleasure


chuckled as she let go off him.

wound would take weeks to heal!" He pouted, pointing at his bleeding

shirt, dipped into the water as she leaned closer to clean him . She

sorry Perseus" she whisper.

she could touch him with her lips. She wanted to kiss his forehead, to his bleeding nose that she caused, to the bruise cheeks and to that

at his

he said. "For making you

under his shirt, her cold soft hand sent shiver down his spine as it touched the wound she stabbed him. It was healed,

softly, all the guilt gushed back to her. "It's never

the coolness of the stream flowed through the them, soaking and flood away that guilt, that sadness, all the worries and the memories. Artemis's fingers still pressed on the scar, with care

she showed no effect. She wanted to do something more for him, perhaps holding him in her arms wouldn't satisfy her. She wanted to care for him more, yet she didn't know how to. She wanted to do something for him, to satisfy the need, the feeling that she wanted

She pulled her hand back immediately only to confuse Perseus. She knew that scent, that dark and intimidation.


out of here quick" she stood up and grabbed his hand.

"Isn't it lovely to be here? I mean the beauty of the surrounding and

time for that" Artemis said in annoy as she grabbed his hand and started sprinting into the wood. Percy struggled to catch up with her

Percy said, Thai time a bit annoy because he didn't

not come here

his unstoppable strength pulled Artemis into a

Olympians here" he ask, his hand gripped on her tightly.

find you Percy"

He yelled.

did not hold back. It wasn't that she was mad because he yelled at her, but because of his carelessness. "I went day and night to find you. You think  could sleep easily

to capture me"

here, travelling with one of the most dangerous and cruel person in this world to capture you? You think after all the effort of finding and tears and you still think that I want

hurt him and it hurt her that there was no trust between them. She knew she


urge to cry again. "When the danger passes, you will be on your own as you wish. After all, I'm the kind that

much, sacrificed t much for now to let him go again. She did not know if she could bear it this time. But considering if it made him happy, if only it could make him forgive her. She was ready to let him go. She was Artemis after all. People didn't call her the goddess of man haters for nothing. She'd move

not not wish to leave" he jerked his hand back a little from her reach. "I know I'm stupid and all, but I do think sometimes Artemis. It's just I'm still confusing

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