Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 30 The Seeker Tale

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Artemis’s point of view

It turned out getting to Alaska wasn't simple. Thankfully to Lucien when he went south, he managed to leave some track and now the Olympians were scouring the northern states from New York to Washington and Canada. Therefore they stuck again in Virginia to seek further plans to pass the zone.

The passed few weeks Percy had found a lot since Lucien came south. When he was on a run away from Thalia's prank, after returning to camp, he learnt that three minor gods were bitten and Percy believed he was guilty. But now the truth was Lucien that bite them out of hatred. He also discovered that the full moon wasn't a curse or anything. Lucien told him that an event that had happened during the full moon and at each time, the memory was triggered that got him turned. Lucien said turning into wolf was all about the emotion, like when Percy usually got angry. When the point a specific was intensified, the true form would be released.

"There's your target" Lucien whispered as he pointed a deer in front of them.

The passed few weeks Lucien had taken him to practice turning into wolf with him still controlling himself. Yet it turned out badly that Lucine was forced to make Percy unconscious. Lucien told him a memory contained too much emotions that consumed him during the transition. But the more Percy tried to figure out what that memory was, the more blank he would get.

From the bush, Percy swallowed.

"Uh I think we should pass tonight" he scratched his head.

"Don't be a coward!" Lucien hissed. "You never improve unless you practice."

"I nearly killed you last time!" Percy hissed back

"Yeah you wish" Lucien just smirked at him.

Percy really wanted to turn, but the fear of him being the beast kept holding him back.  For many years he'd tried to suppress that monster within him because of its destruction.

"Don't be afraid of who you are Perseus" Lucien squeezed his shoulder, his golden eyes gleamed with that wise, that knowledge. "Embrace it, let it flow. It's the fear that you suppress your self, to let that mere subconscious mind and memory consume you. Embrace your true self and you will have control over it."

"Talk like someone that can change every time he wants" Percy rolled his eyes.

"You're an Alpha!" Lucien reminded him. "Your father was Tamlin, one of the High Lords of the Grey Cliff. You think the title is just simply passed to someone? They must be worthy to obtain it Perseus, and since you've been carrying it for three thousands years, it's time for you to make your father proud."

"What if it doesn't work this time?" He asked.

"Then we try again" Lucien said. "We'll keep trying until you accept the real you, stop refusing it Perseus!"

Their argument had made perhaps too much noise that the prey noticed them behind the bushes. Before the two could react, it started sprinting.

Then a sudden growl came out from the opposite side of their hiding and a mountain lion jumped out onto a deer. It pinned down the prey by its neck, blood spilled onto the ground and the prey let out its last sound before keeping quite.

Percy and Lucien was taken completely by surprise. They stood their in shock as the animal turned its attention to them. It growl, stepped back for a launch.

"Uh should we do something?" Percy said but instead only to see Lucien smirked.

"Perfect" the grey werewolf grinned. "Perhaps hunting to turn you may be hard. How about turning to defend yourself now?"

"No thanks but I think there another option" Percy swung Riptide as it gleamed in the night. Seeing weapon, the lion moved back.

out of his hand, then threw it

turned to

only one option left now" Lucian


so you have time to wait" Lucien said

fangs wanted to rip out their throat, its

if there's anytime" Lucien said next to him, his gaze didn't leave the

to push every emotion within him, but he couldn't intensified them. Without Artemis, things turned out to be more boring, even with Lucien cracking jokes couldn't help. He was afraid, perhaps that time he nearly killed her and the hunters. What if he would turn into a blood thirsty monster again. The horror of him that day in the middle of a blood and monster dirt ground. He still remember that moment

Perseus now should be

Lucien voice at his ears, yet he couldn't

turn right now!" Lucien at the point was yelling, and yet Percy couldn't move his nerves. He was afraid, that feeling of

the fuck over it and turn!"

reached Percy and its image reflected on his eyes, Pedcy

roar of irritation, Lucien




muttered bitterly as he clean

the fuck can I present you to our people" Lucien kicked the dead body of the lion away. "When an Alpha, son of Tamlin is afraid of

can't Lucien" Percy sighed.

can" He shouted. "But you are too afraid to accept

don't want to hurt people ok!" Percy countered back

to tell you. You and HER will never be formed. How hard does it take to get into your thick skull

"But I still have-"

your stupid feeling" he waved his

home, someone you may call your mate, someone can make  you die if that person perished.

do you recent them to much anyway" Percy at that

past few weeks were not the pleasant. The started feeling lonely. His ears felt empty without Artemis ranting and scowling. He couldn't sleep at night without her at his side, without that smell usually calmed him to sleep. Yet he

have gotten tired and did not discuss about it, but I still do.

had realised that he'd crossed the


that he left Percy alone, playing with his sword while missing for

couldn't abandon the search. She went out day and night, crossing across the

arm around her waist. The bed was so empty, so cold. Artemis swirled on the bed, her mind kept thinking of where could he be. In the morning she'd think of how to get back at him when he returned. But when she returned to the bed, to where they spent their time together, all the feeling came back. Normals Artemis would

was a blue shirt that she picked up and stared at it. The


said after a sniff at

you males are all disgusting" Artemis said, winching

considering you guys kept destroying be clothes." He countered. "I think

continued sniffing it.

are impossible" she threw her arms in the

insult and scowl at him. Without his presence

as she  she kept inhaling the scent of her wolf. She carried it to the bed, wrapped it around her bolster and felt

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