Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 29 Second Leave of The Tale

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Percy’s Point of View

Percy awakened and found himself inside the infirmary. He tried to sit up, but a tug made him to groan. He started down and saw bandage was wrapped around his torso. That was when everything came flooding back.

He couldn't believe she actually stab him. Sure he knew that she was man hater goddess and all, but he believed thy had come to a point of no killing each other. Guess Artemis is still Artemis. Even if he gave her million years more, it wouldn't change who she was and her nature. It was her root, she was destined to hate males and it happened to be his race.

He was mad, yet disappointed. He knew it was hopeless to even hope staying in the hunt. What's the point of staying when I'd end up dying sooner or later? Percy thought. Their relationship was never expected to be form. He was meant to be non existent to the world. Yet he believed her words.

"I will protect you Perseus! From any harm I promise!"

He recounted her words that day. He was wrong to believe it. She was an Olympian, it was risky to even meet her. They were the ones that wanted him dead. Such a fool to even trust this timer bomb.

Percy struggled for awhile and he managed to get to his  feet. The wounds ached as he winced.

He had to go. He should've done it long time ago. Just because of that stupid feeling and promise that he kept clinging onto her. Now she'd shown her real face. She stabbed him without even consideration. It was her nature and he couldn't do anything to change it.

He went to the area where the clothes were hung to dry over night. He grabbed some of his clothes and hurried back to the infirmary. Surprisingly there was no one on night duty which allowed him to sneak through the tents without being detected. The least thing he wanted was to have someone reporting to Artemis.

He knew most of his belongings were still in her tent, but considering it wasn't worth risking his opportunity. Percy packed and quietly left the hunt for the second time, or perhaps the last.

It took her two hours of Ananbeth and Thalia begging until she gave up and left the infirmary.

Artemis regretted of what she'd done. Standing by his side watching him hurt because by her own hands ached her even more. She knew she had promised to never let any harm to him and yet she was the one to break that promise.

What would he do when he wakes up. Would he still follow her, believe in her? Would he forgive her?

With all the guilt she couldn't settle, Artemis decided to return to the infirmary and wait until he wakes.

Her foot heavy as she made her way across the sleeping camp. She didn't know how to apologise. She never did it  much before. She did once or twice apologising him back at the cave in Delos. Perhaps he might give her a chance, he always had.

But as Artemis set the flap opened, his bed was empty. Yet the warmth still there to tell her he was gone.

Percy stumbled across the wood. He had to get further more, he was still to close to camp.

"I felt someone over there!"

and they were tracking him. Percy started sprinting, through bushes and trees but

say he could climb up to the top and turning back would be facing the hunters. He heard there presence was closing in as he panicked. He didn't want to go back anymore. Suddenly, he heard


hand waving at him out

the bush with his feet planted on the ground confusingly.

stand there dumbass" the person whispered out loud. "They are

Percy approached the bush and he was dragged immediately away by the mysterious

what the hell" Percy tried to yank his hand

catch you, I can leave you now  and you can return

It wasn't that he had trusted the guy, but he had no option. Either the mysterious guy lead him to a trap and kill him, or Artemis

give it a

and track up the where he

around Arizona if he remembered

stranger panted, and

frowned. "And what's your

race and my name is Lucien

answer dude of course I know you're male" Percy rolled his eyes. "Unless

better looking at the man. He was told, about 1.90 with grey hair and golden eyes like Hazel, accept they looked more animal than human. His pale skin matched his hair and that feature like those super attractive model he saw on the magazine Aphrodite's carried around, except his ears were long and pointy


Perseus Phoebe"

tunic. He got on four and let out a growl and

his race, that werewolf that injured him. It was unmistakable with that grey fur, same features of the werewolf and those golden piercing animal eyes.

and brought out Riptide. The werewolf widened its eyes and shrunk

so worked up

do that?" Percy stuttered, shocked from

into a wolf?" He said.

"You mean there

tell you?"

know is

us are still in Alaska and I'm the ambassador of the werewolf or actually a scout to bring the remaining ones out in

the Earth surface. Now he just found

  Lucien spoke. "Many of us fled in the war and moved up north to the place they couldn't reach us, or just simply they were afraid

tried to break the silence after a while. "What do we

from here and cover our track

"Train for what"

his eyes. "I know what

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