Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 21 First Return of The Tale

Artemis’s point of view

"Zoë come here now!" Artemis screamed, rushing to the infirmary.

She only felt some uneven breaths mixing with gasps from Perseus. His wound didn't heal, the yellow liquid kept leaking out from the deep cut that sodded her jacket, yellowed the ground.

"Perseus stay with me! I won't let you die, just stay a little longer" she whispered to his ear, her panicked breath somehow made Perseus cracked a smile.

"Can't believe I return to camp being carried by you like a bride" Percy managed a joke which lightened Artemis's mind at that moment.

She grinned and playfully hit his chest softly. Even though he was on the verge of dying, he would never let her cry to which made her heart ached even more as the guilt swirled deep inside her. He'd never be in this situation if he didn't live with her.

"Next time I'll drag you by the ear" she said.

Zoë and other hunters rushed out from their tents as they set him onto a bed.

"Bring nectar and ambrosia!" Artemis ordered as Phoebe made herself to find the requirements.

"What happened to him?" Thalia asked, her frown has shown that regret which was rare to appear.

"But the wound is

out from his mouth. Artemis could hear his heart was

how to treat

lot" Zoë responded. "But

"What do y-"

grabbed her dagger and cut his shirt

cut his shirt and apply

many others followed her lead because they didn't want to see a male naked torso.

kissed skin. Those abs were solid and strong, presented the power of a supernatural. She knew she had seen him half naked before, but each time she glanced on those toned muscles, it just got more magnificent and beautiful. He wasn't buff, but those

handed the god medicine but was speechless when she looked at

applied it on his wound as his skin streamed and hissed with the contact. Artemis winced as Percy groaned

I think I'm not gonna..." Percy groaned, his back arched, his finger ripped the white bed sheet.

will!" Artemis shouted, the strange liquid of emotions swelled up on her eyeballs. She didn't know why she was crying? Perhaps it was her fault that he was caught up in this, or she'd broken her promise from protecting him from harms. But she knew it was more than that, his agony sent her to that world of pain. She could feel, could hear, could see what he had to endure. Maybe that they had

added as his skin hissed like touching acid. Percy groaned as he grabbed her hand. His fingers were

tell you this" he gritted his

the world could separate them at that moment. Her determination was unraveling as she said firmly that her voice had overwhelmed that panic dwelled within

"Save it for later"

faint silver light

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