Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 20 Tale of The Moon Beast

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Percy’s Point of View

He heard the running torrent of water, he felt his torso wet. Percy slowly opened his eyes, the cold icy water irritated the membrane of his eyes that he found himself laying in the middle of a stream. He slowly raised his body heavily, his bones cracked and his muscled ached. He groaned, holding his head as if the brain had just accumulated back together.

Where the hell am I? he wondered, looking around.

Suddenly, the nightmare came back to him as he looked back at himself. His shirt and pants were gone, only the magical boxer that would reappear every time he turned was still on his body. He brushed his hair, grimacing as the memories flooded back. He could still feel the acidic substance of wolfbane in his system.

He slowly pulled himself to balanced on his legs. His lung still hurt every time he coughed, guess some of the wolfbanes were still in it. He made his way out of the stream and found himself in another forest. Old oak trees cloaked with layers of moss, the green leaves changed the colour of the sky as he walked under their giant branches. The birds sing in a melody of beautiful sound around him that for awhile, he didn't realise that he was lost, but seemly enjoyed his surrounding.

He thought he was still somewhere near the Hunt, but the deeper he walked into the forest, the stranger it appeared to him. There wasn't any grass or flower or that scent of Moonlace that he knew Artemis was close. Around him was a different scent and world and at that moment, he found the feeling of being freed.

A grin planted on his face as he laughed, throwing his arms to the sky, embracing the air and the world free of hunters, of chores, of humiliation and pranks. He found so much alive, his muscles relaxed, his brain felt free as he wandered through the forest taking the new world to him.

He found a cave at a side of the hill. The top was covered with moss, the hollowed cave was hidden by the trees and bushes that he nearly missed it. He cautiously walked in, the wall was still wet and solid rocky ground was at least dried. He explored further in. There were dried leaves, shoving together to make a bed at the end of the cave. It didn't appear to be occupied by human, but instead animal. But nonetheless, it had long been abandoned.

thought of going into the human world, exploring more in the wild and eventually back

him. She had direct her hunters to prank

but considering her Hunters are all killer, that didn't get any better. If he stayed low profile and careful, then the

down on his. He screamed in agony, his sea-green eyes transmitted to red blood that he was starting to growl. He was to catch up

his hair grow longer and turned black. The dagger claws poked out from his fingers as they scratch the

Artemis would always sit in front of his cage. He growled, tried to attack and bit her. She had been terrified,

tranquil scent of Moonlace, her ethereal and beautiful face. He dear those exquisite and astonishing silver eyes.

every memory that he had of her. After awhile, he felt the feeling of turning was starting to

he had though no one could be like him. Ans yet

gain and brutal body. That powerful wolf head and those intimidating eyes of a carnivore. Those lethal claws and

it slashed its claws across his chest. The contact burned like touching wolfbane that Percy winced and jumped back. He growled at the

them that their brutal strength level the rock, shattered the trees. Their animal growl raged through the forest, blown through bushes and leaves. A blur of grey and black, slashes of yellow of claws. Percy managed to leave a deep mark on the enemy chest as he snarled and moved back. He struck at Percy, his claws scratched

heavily as stream came out from his snout. The enemy laid the ground,

Just then, he realised it was a mistake. A surge of pain occurred at his torso as Percy growl in anguish. The grey wolf's claw piercing

turning back to normal. Blood was still gushing out from the wound as Percy shrunk smaller. The enemy studied his agony face steadily, crooking his head to the side and bared

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