Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 13 Welcome of The Tale

Percy Point of View

The fact Percy left his mother behind was still wilding him, but right now it was replaced by the new world surrounded him.

They walked in a forest, the trees were so strange and the flowers, the sky was so blue and clearly that he nearly forgot the danger he was in. He thought of the world outside the island would be different, but it seemed just the same. So far, he hadn't seen any person walk passed them. Only Percy and Artemis walking under the afternoon sun. However, there was a change that this place was hotter than his island home.

As he was paying too much attention to the surrounding, Artemis suddenly came to a halt and he nearly bumped onto her.

"Uh why are we stopping?" he raised a question.

"It's because we are at the perimeter to my hunt Perseus" she told him. "One more step and they would detect you."

"They wouldn't attack you right?" He said. "I mean they must know that I'm an acquaintance to you"

"Yeh I know but I must make it clear to them first" she sighed in annoy. "After all I'm bringing a male into our home, which has broken our rules. I must confirm them before taking you there."

"But what if they don't accept me?" He said. "What if they-"

"Oh for Leto's sake can you just stop asking!?" Artemis bellowed. "I've promise to mother that I'll take care of you and I'm doing it now. Listen to me and stay here, and do not wander anywhere."

With that, she left him and walked into the hunters' area. Percy scoffed and leaned his back on the tree. Now he was wishing to go back home, where his mum would be making lunch and him looking at her at the kitchen's doorframe. The thought made his heart ached for home. The concern about his mother's safety rushed back into him again. He swept the thought aside and looked around for Artemis.

He had come to like her. It wasn't that like-like of a sister. He never yearned to have Artemis as a sister. He always looked at her as a friend, and right now it was advancing into something more than that. He knew it was wrong to have those feeling for her, that was a taboo for both him and Artemis. Because he had never seen any other female in his life except Leto and Artemis. Of course when she appeared, a strong sensation made his heart vibrated rapidly. So far, Artemis was the most beautiful person beside his mother he had ever seen. Her auburn hair always curious him that he had a thought of touching them, her pale skin and flawless of a rare quality and that beautiful features of hers. Her eyes were the most fascinating to him, like those ambers rare rock that glitters on the island. Every time he stated straight at her, the two full moons just showed from that window of her soul. He never got able to control when he looked at Artemis, the fact being near her got his legs trembled. Despite the fact she hated him, he was still glad that she didn't treat him as bad as the other males.

A moment later, Artemis returned with a half pleased and half not face. That got him worried.

"So how was the negotiation?" he asked, clapping his palms together and grinned.

"They have accepted you to live there" she informed him, which made his shoulders to drop "however don't parade it soon because it's not gonna be easy afterwards."

thinking of any possible treatment they would lay on him. After all, Artemis was the only one who had sworn to

them first. Stay close or you gonna get

outside, this area was more intense and mysterious. On

a clearing. The camp was set on a clear lands, surround by trees in circle. It was easy to detect any invaders that came close. He didn't know how he was going to live in those tiny little silver tents. In the middle of the camp was a camp fire with logs for seats. At least there was a

of quivers full of arrows and bows. Wooden and straw dummies for training which each

hunters started pouring out. He was right about them watching him on the way there as some

black and blue

"Girls this is Perseus"

expectations, they all gave out a scoff and blessed him

he waved his hand a little, trying to be polite like

hunters looked at Artemis and bowed, then left into the forest. Percy took glance at Artemis, who was having trouble in

three girls left behind as they slowly walked up

famous half brother of Artemis" The leader of

a fourteen years girl with black raven hair and eyes as dark as the night. The only thing made her stand out from the

can understand the situation

spoke. "Why did you risk so much to bring him here?

of who he was. But sometimes, it did hurt


I've promised my mother to take care of him, I don't have a choice. The whole Olympus wanting him

type of punk with piercings everywhere on her ears and one on the

third girl spoke. "Then we

you Annabeth" Artemis

show you your tent,

nodded at the girls and disappeared somewhere for gods know. He turned to the girls nervously only


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