Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 12 Tale of An Escape

Artemis jumped off the boat, turned back to the old boatman who was frowning in concern. She felt bad for him rolling with all his strength for her to get to the island before any other Olympians arrived.

"Thank you old man," she told him. "You should go, the gods will be here soon."

"Will you make it Milady?" He asked her. "Can you protect him?"

"I-I don't know," she said utterly, the fact that she didn't even know if she could make it out alive. "But you should go"

He just nodded and started to sail the wooden boat away.

Artemis turned to the house at the top of the hill, where Perseus and her mother were still oblivious to the danger. She sprinted to the top.

The doors kicked open, Artemis ran in to see Perseus and Leto having dinner. They stood up to look at her in shock, though Perseus looked a bit more excited to see her again.

"Hey, Art-"

"Pack your things" Artemis cut him off as she rushed inside. "Things were already revealed."

"What do you mean Artemis?" Leto walked away from the table and followed her, who was walking around without knowing what to do.

"Apollo gave out a prophecy," Artemis told them. "It somehow related to Perseus and now the entire Olympus is hunting him!"

They both gasped and looked at each other.

"B-but didn't Apollo promise to protect our secret? He wouldn't betray us" Perseus said.

"It doesn't matter anymore ok!" Artemis yelled. "You guys must pack and leave this place immediately!"

"But go where Artemis?" Perseus asked her.

At the point, Artemis suddenly stopped. She was so worried about their survival that she completely forgot the next stage after they escaped. Clearly, the entire mythological world was hunting him, she couldn't trust anyone except herself. Speaking of herself, an idea suddenly came into Artemis.

"To my hunt," she said. "That's the safest place for you right now. Being close to me, I can be able to protect and keep watch on you."

"Wow wow wow, hold up!" Perseus put his hands to a sign of stopping. "You are telling me to go and live with your hunters? They would rip my head off before I could have my first meal there!"

"Or you rather let the gods execute you instead?" Artemis folded her arms in annoy. How come he could still make an argument at the moment like this?


"Perseus!" Leto cut him. "Listen to your sister"

He looked at her, but only to receive a stern look. Perseus sighed and ran upstairs.

don't you go pack your

held her hands

here, then they would know where to find next and that would be you. They will hunt down the last person that

mother!" Artemis squeezed her hands. "What if

Leto confirmed. "as long as I don't say anything, they can't conclude

Artemis knew she was holding it

then, Perseus ran down stairs with a pack bag.


started to walk outside. "I'll leave you

turned to his mother to

yourself ok Perseus?" She brushed his

you talking about mum!?" He

go, Percy," Leto told him. "They will find out who relates

hands. "How can

said in a serious voice as she squeezed on his shoulders. "You have grown big enough, you can take care of yourself. Perhaps it's time for you to


carefully son!" Leto snapped, to which she was trying to hold back the tears. "You can do it ok. Artemis will be there for you when I'm not. No need to be afraid because she will protect you. You must move on

long, so passionate because she knew it would be long for her to see him again. They have been together for nearly two thousand years that their bond would be unbreakable. Perseus loved her as much as

walked back to Artemis, who was trying not to cry

him ok?" Leto held her hands, her eyes wet from tears. "Don't

and hugged her. She pulled her so close, knowing it would be long before her second return. It could be for

hug. Leto guided Perseus's hand to Artemis and put their hands together. Artemis's heart suddenly skipped a beat from the contact with his hand. Despite the situation, she stilled blushed a

be her protector. Promise me that you will fight to protect Artemis no matter what costs, promise me,

looks. He turned to his mother

possible. Find a safe place and do not return

on the August night, Perseus for the first time,


the hill, dashing into the forest to get to the meeting point. Leto said there was an altar near the coast where Artemis could use her power to teleport

over the fact they had left their mother. Artemis, to be exact was hurt more than everything. She was worried about her mother, now he had taken responsibility to care for Perseus. She didn't know how she could take care of him, not talking about preventing her hunters to

stone circle. She was still wondering why didn't Leto use it

few yards away from her, five golden

and Athena. They all nodded at each other and started to walk up to the house, straight at Percy and Artemis's direction when they were heading to the

"Why are yo-"

her finger on her lips to signal him to be quiet. She pointed

whispered. "They are heading

Then she looked around and pointed a bush just near them. "Hide over

to approach. They watched vigilantly for any

looked up and sniffed the air. She turned towards their direction. Artemis eyes widened and for a moment, without hesitation, tackled Perseus onto the ground with her. Trying to lay as low onto the ground as possible to

just upon them, where the two was hidden by the shadow of the

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