Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 10 Tale Spreads Danger

Artemis point of view


Artemis was stunned, completely frozen from the view. Perseus or werewolf Perseus stood there, growling and folding his fists. She really needed Leto to be here right there, but her mother was no where to be seen. Perseus advanced to Apollo and all she could do was to protect him. She did the most stupid thing ever, she yelled at the werewolf.

"Perseus stop!"

He heard her and turned back faster than electricity, Artemis stepped back in fear. She knew what he was capable of. Artemis knew that wasn't Perseus, it was his inner monster that its bite could bring an end to her immortal life. Yet, she tried to push her luck.

"I-I know you are in there Perseus" She tried to sooth him. "Just listen to me and calm down ok. Look into my eyes and breathe deeply. Look at me ok"

She heard Apollo slowly crawled out from the scatter and Perseus turned to him, she reacted immediately.

"Hey don't look at him" She spoke out loud and that got Perseus's attention. She didn't know that was stupid or because she tried to be brave or just wanted to save Apollo. She slowly walked up to him.

Perseus leaned forward, he breathed out and bared his teeth, but he didn't attack her. Artemis kept her glance, her hand held out, kept walking to her potential danger.

"You gonna be just fine" she whispered.

He didn't growled at her now nor barring his teeth or to show the predator stare. She was so close to him that with a snatch and Perseus could take her head off. But at the moment, Artemis didn't feel fear anymore.

She didn't know why or how, but clearly her heart didn't beat like crazy and she didn't drop any single sweat. Slowly, her eyes still fixed on his bewildered red eyes. Her hand shakily tried to lay it on his cheek. He cringed away, bared his teeth again and she was afraid a bit that he would attack, but he didn't.

"Shh" she stopped him from leaning away and laid her palm on him. She stared deep into his eyes and at that moment, she found the Perseus she knew in it.

"It's ok" she whispered. "I will protect you"

The werewolf was standing on two legs and way bigger than Artemis, but he slowly, little by little moved his hand to put on her.

A smile slowly came on Artemis lips when Perseus eyes started to change when she opened her mouth in shock. Behind Perseus, where he had let his guard down because of her, Apollo was pulling back his arrow.

That was the moment when Perseus instinct of predator came back. He waved his arm, hit Artemis as it sent her straight to the wall behind her. Her back crashed on it and fell on the table just set underneath. She could feel her spine broke into pieces from the impact with the wall. She groaned out in pain and was unable to get up.

"Artemis no!" Apollo screamed and Perseus turned back.

Her vision was still blurry but she could saw a furry figure ran on four legs to her. Perseus nudged her with his snout and growled a little. Slowly, the feeling of his fur on her skin was replaced by the warm touch of skin. Perseus was back to normal.

"Gosh Artemis I'm so sorry" Perseus cried, caring her cheek, checking for more damages.

Artemis just smiled and shook her head. Although her bones were broken to pieces and it would take long to heal, but her heart had dropped to relief.

"Don't be" she told him.

Just then, she saw Apollo stormed and Perseus and gripped his shoulder then threw him away.

"Stay away from her you beast" he snarled.

She was about to yelled at Apollo, but she was to weak and she understood he wasn't stable at the moment. After all, she got into this because of trying to protect him. To her surprise, Perseus didn't transform or show any sign of anger. But instead, it was show with regret and guilt that he kept shaking and trembling. That concerned her even more than him being angry.

"Gods of Olympus you ok Artemis" Apollo kneeled down as he checked on her. "Your spine and ribs were all broken. Ok, just stay still, I'm gonna fix it."

He cut his wrist and let her drink a bit of his Ichor, then muttered some spell that slowly, she felt her bones were coming back into their original places and her body was healing.

Had some god food made her feel better. Perseus turned to look at her immediately the moment she was up, but he didn't say any word

moment dropped on the floor hard and sighed out. "That was really

she gave him a sarcastic bow to show

Apollo's mind as he

the ground, holding

don't!" Artemis

there and didn't show any kind of resistance or anger or anything, he just stared at Apollo, who was about

Artemis!" Apollo bellowed. "He nearly killed

Artemis said. "I

but after Perseus changed back because of her. She had got that confirmed. Perseus would never kill her. And because of that, now guilt was washing

you shouldn't believe that

a beast Artemis.

saying that, he pressed the blade deeper and blood drew out from Perseus's neck. He just closed his eyes instead, streams of tears came out from the edge of his eyes from the harsh words of Apollo. He somehow believed it was true that he shouldn't be in this word. A monster shouldn't be tolerated and loved by anyone. But of course, Artemis had come not to

her life and tears were shed for that male that

shocked Apollo, but still angered him. He loved his sister more than anyone. He wasn't close to his mother and never respected his father, only sacred. The only family member that he did care was Artemis. Although he pissed her off sometimes. And because of that, he emerged a bit of his

reason" He muttered, breathing hard. "One reason why, why I shouldn't kill

a deep breath, she had come too far and no secret could be kept now.

"Because he's your brother."


carrying our blood in his circular system?" Apollo grumbled.

not, it's true

filled everything back to Apollo, of course avoided

shock and what he'd done. He just kept quite bad stayed in the corner. That worried Artemis even more and now she had another unstable mental

the fates just blessed her with bros. the fact that being the big and head sister of the family, she was now having the trouble

is our half brother and because of that, I

just let us go because of this!? This is crime

mother loves

would accept a person that lied to me for three thousands years? She's our mother Artemis! And she betrayed both of us, she put her own

Perseus. "You think Zeus would just only punish her? No, he will come after us and then what?

said. "I mean he doesn't know anything of this. He's not

Haven't you heard of their capabilities and the law was set upon them. Don't try to act noble Artemis when you have spent the last thousand years trying to hunt them down. There, now you got one. Why

stepped back in shock. It was true that she had hated werewolf so much that she promised her father she would hunt down every

she turned back to see a shocked brother. His eyes were full of hurt and confused. She should've confessed to him when she got a chance, she should've told him that she hated his kind and he had changed that. He could've listened and forgive her. But now, the truth was just like a knife stab through his heart when she was the danger that he always thought of

explained to him but he stopped her

her. "I'm a werewolf, I shouldn't be cared about. So don't Artemis, don't care about me because I'll

from tears. He was holding the urge to break. He had to hold it together, to showed them that he was strong enough. That was a nature of werewolf, he had to admit who he was. A beast, a monster that never

it had turned into something else. Something so strange yet could be identified. Something that she had sheathed that she would never experience with a kind she hated. Something that that would never released to someone she not fonder with. It was loved. She had come to love him from the deep of her heart. The love of sympathy, the love of guilt. And at that moment, she couldn't bear to lose him.

"Just accept it. He has already, why should you try to protect him, to pull

she had to do something, something to protect Perseus. She had promised him.

you know that you'll lose this sister forever right" Artemis said, made Apollo to stop.

are you saying?" He

You know that" she declared. "If you told Zeus, which mean I would be seen as a criminal who was trying to protect a werewolf. You spoke about law, now I'm telling you that. Zeus won't tolerate

her when she had to to this to him, but in order to protect Perseus. She had to

save me and mother and many others. You don't


I'm begging you" a tear ran down

a moment and swept his tear. He looked up

Artemis just breathed out in relief. "But do not think for a moment that I would spare his life and

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