Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 9 Storm of The Tale

Artemis Point of View

Artemis heard the sound of birds singing outside the window, a warm and comfortable feeling washed over her. She slowly opened her eyes, blinking a bit from the sunlight shining in from the window.

She found out herself laying comfortably on the sofa supposed to be Perseus laying. The blanket she put on him was now on her and Perseus was no where to be seen. Why didn't that idiot carry her to her bed? Gods she had him sleeping on her bed while she was at his place. Right when she was about to rise and find him to put some punishment, a familiar aura of power made her to pay attention.

She took a peek at her bed and no sigh of someone was sleeping on it. Even her scent was still on there, not to be replaced by a certain person. Where the hell did he go? Artemis wondered.

She made her way downstairs, tried to grab something to eat. She wasn't planning to go back to her hunt now. It felt a lot more comfortable here. She didn't mean that she wasn't care for her hunters, but sometimes she needed some alone and personal times. Well, not now with Perseus in here anyway. Still, Zoë would be doing a good job while she was away. She always did.

Just as she walked passed the living room's door frame, a presence made her frozen like ice. Well, not exact when his presence would always melt that ice.

Right in front of her was the annoying, stupid, jerkiest and worst resemblance of male Apollo, her twin brother. He still had that blonde shiny hair, the shiny face with his teeth wanted me to go blind and those mischievous looking eyes. That annoying grin of him made the stupid mortal girls to fall in love with. He appeared to be in a vacation with yellow shirt adding with sun and caption at the back You Know I'm Awesome. The sandy colour short and yellow sandals.

Somethings, Artemis thought was he even her brother or not. Everything about him was completely opposite with her. The only talent that he shared with her was shooting the arrow. Apollo was playing with some little statues on the fireplace's frame when he turned back and noticed her.

"What the hell are you doing here Apollo?" Artemis folded her arms with a bored look on him.

"Well hello sis" He said, showing her his shining teeth. "Just dart by to check on my beloved sister. I miss you ya know, no one to scowl me back home so well, my ears feel a bit unsettling and missing."

"Seriously" Artemis sighed. "You came all the way here just to ask me to scowl at you?"

"You know that's not what I meant right?" He said. "Common, I cam ego apology of course. Right I know it was a dump prank. I'm so sorry to set your mind to blow. I'm sorry ok"

He said stepping closer as he laid his hands on her shoulders from behind and slowly pushing her to the chair. Artemis was trying to reject it, from him touching her and all that lie.

"Oh humour me" Artemis rolled her eyes after settled her bum on the chair. "Apollo apologies Artemis, the world must have car sickness."

"Hey that's a nice one" Apollo made a cool sign by pointing his two index fingers at her. "I could add that to my poem book. Didn't know you secretly learn that from me"

"Stop messing around Fried Brain" Artemis smacked his hands off. "It's not like I've known you just from yesterday. What do you really want and why did you even come here in the first place?"

harsh words" he cringed a bit. "But totally

Artemis growled as

Zeus wanted me to find you. Second of all, mother gave me a lecture earlier and I think it should be easier for me to come here again if

little son here" Artemis rolled her eyes.

you say little sis" Apollo said. "I did my part. You

rolled her

was still looking for Perseus though. She tried to peak out the window to

you going to stay here?" Apollo asked, throwing the

it really

your hunters have been pestering me for awhile trying to find you" he said,

she leaned closer to him. "I don't care if you get killed by my hunters, but

fine" he rolled his eyes. "It's not

closer to her and sniffed something in the air. His eyes showed a bit of confused and Artemis just stared back.

hell Arty!?" Apollo yelled, made her

night. It wasn't particularly sleeping, but yes, they did lay on the same bed. But that was when she didn't notice him. Also last night wasn't count as sleeping

me and mother on this island. Of course you would've

a don't lie to me look. "You fucking broke your oath and try

my oath

for me to trust you. When there's a confirmed evidence that a scent of

that! I can explain Apollo.

fool Apollo now. He'd know she was telling him lies. Zeus knowing was the worse thing she ever wanted. Her father had once killed the entire family of Perseus's father. He would kill him to eliminate the threat of werewolves. But she couldn't hide from Apollo right now, he would find out eventually, he had already suspected her. Just when thing


turned cold. Standing at the door was Perseus, still in his clothes from yesterday with a stern look directly

his scent on her" Apollo sneered.

was a long story Apollo" Perseus said. "But clearly Artemis didn't do anything

him. "This is more complicated than what you

being in this island where mother supposed to be alone!?" Apollo bellowed. "Gosh do you know how many rules you have broken Artemis?Zeus

front of me!"

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