Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 4 The Better Tales of Perspectives

Artemis's POV

We ate quietly in the old dinning room. But that didn't seem too kill the fact that there was a Cold War going on.

I still had a pity on Perseus. I wanted to get my vengeance, but Leto was sitting close by made it impossible for me to lung at him from across the table.

I occasionally glanced up at his direction. It wasn't that I took interest on him or something. It was just my curiosity, maybe just to give him my dangerous message via the glance.

And every time I peeked a look, I always found him already there staring back at me. At first it was kinda awkward that I immediately looked back at my food. But times go by and now we both had a staring competition.

Why does he have to possess that annoying face? Those mischievous and part innocent eyes of his that made me to lose my focus. That goofy smirk was so much annoying that I just wanted to choke him to death and his pout sometimes made me smile. It was a mixture of my own internal feeling whenever I looked straight at him. And somehow, I couldn't quite sure how to explain. Lucky I wasn't Athena, or I would've been banging my head to the wall, trying to figure out what it was.

The breakfast kept on with that. Leto at the head of the table, Perseus and I sat across and staring...well consider danger for now at each other. When thing was about to explode and we would lung at each other to rip the other's head out. Leto would let out an intentional cough and we both found the plates of soup so interesting.

"So...after breakfast, why don't you take Artemis around the island Perseus?" Leto tried to break the ice at last. "You may try to know each other better!"

I immediately gave out a frustrated groan. "Mum! I don't need a guider!"

"Yeah right" Across from me, Perseus muttered, playing with his food. "Spoken by a visiter."

I stabbed my knife down the sandwich so hard that it clashed against the plate at the bottom. Making an unpleasant sound.

"Perseus" Leto glanced at him, emphasised his name while raising her eyebrows. "She is your sister"

I smirked as he gulped from mother's dangerous stare.

"Ye-yeah" he stuttered. "Go out with Artemis. Try to know my... Sister better!"

As he said the word sister, it was like he tried to swallow a big rock. Which I felt great because I didn't want to call him brother either. Seriously, I've already got a super annoying and stupid brother. I didn't want to get another one.

"But mum!" I whined, trying to show her my apathy about her ideas. To which she responded with her infamous glance and I knew I should better be off with Perseus than to argue.

After breakfast to which I didn't feel like it much. We departed for our lovely (sarcasm) trip.

"You two have fun" Leto said. "Be back before dinner ok?"

Perseus leaned his back on a tree. Feeling more frustrated than ever and as the same as me.

"It won't take long mum" I told her.

"Yeah" Perseus said. "It will end soon before it even started."

Leto didn't say anything and walked back into the house, leaving both of us at the front yard.

I immediately reached or my dagger at my waist and Perseus folded his fists.

"By the way" Leto's voice came from the door made us both jump. "I'll be watching so don't think about killing each other off."

I gave her an awkward smile, while Perseus did a faked salute. I signal him with a glance 'Let's get outta here before everything gets worse'. He somehow understood and started to move.

"OK sister" He said amiably with a faked smile. "Let's go that way!"

it slowly disappeared behind the lines

Perseus stepped as he climbed on boulders and slid under fallen oak trees.

favourite place. It calmed my nerves and for a moment, the tension I

dew made the forest so tranquil and peaceful. Occasionally you could see a bird leaving their nest, or spraying them dry after coming out from a cold morning bath of dew on some large leaves. Some would sing under the warm of the sun. The deers chewing grass on the

my head until I saw Perseus staring at

are you

his arms. "Maybe

I said. "So you think I will go easy on you just because you lead me to

more trouble. And by doing that,

suddenly switched. "Well, look like you are not really that boring after all" I said turning away to pick

know you are that girly after all" Here sneered at the sight

in this world that was to pull out and cut of that annoying tongue of his. Since the day I was born until now,

turning back at him slowly with my power was radiating out.

boy, you should be. He stood up on the

"No need

stepped forward. "Except that was a

their, face pale as a sheet. I gripped on my

with its dark eyes. A weird sensation sent shiver down my spine. It was like someone was watching me through the cow's eyes and I knew who was

seemed to realise the

place!" He said out loud, like trying to let

I could still

and realised one important thing was happening. I was holding hand with him.

close to a male, most of the time they wouldn't come out I one piece. And now, right here in this island where people call prison of Leto. Under the shades of old oak

I actually accepted him as my brother? The was the only question I tried to answer. Sure I have only met him for 1 day. And most of the time

slowly, my finger started moving as I grabbed at his hand. It was soft, yet strong, enough to protect someone he truly cares about. I didn't know where all the feelings come from, or how did I

of my hand. I felt so strange when

his breath. "Leto can be quite intimidating sometimes. Gosh

chuckled as his sight. "She wasn't looking at you,

He paused for awhile. "Uh...did you eat

sneered at him. "Yeah, the nice breakfast the we BOTH eat

for cheeks look red like

was when I realised it. I had been blushing the entire time. And now the thought made me blush even harder. I looked down immediately, trying to hide my tomato face or else that idiot would soon realise it and pestering me for hours.

snarled. "Now where the hell are

from the fact

while I stood there, disoriented. I hated whenever I was like this, unable to look out my direction. Perhaps, from being a hunter and all,

on this speed, we won't

nothing difficult for me

lady" Perseus frowned.

to there!" I said.

has to give up the bedroom tonight!" He

"Deal" I agreed.

goal ahead. I took

be careful cause it can be quite

your pants

side. Occasionally I had to dodge some long branches grew out on the way. I glanced at my direction, Perseus was no where to be seen. I just smirked. He was stupid enough to make a running competition with me. I've spent thousands of years just for this, even

on my left. Perseus appeared and now was running ahead. He took a

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