Pertemis: A Wolf’s Tale

Chapter 2 Secrets of The Tale

Artemis's POV

I froze on my spot.

It happened just so fast that I didn't know what to do. The monster growled, trying to bend the silver bars. It's teeth glowing in the dark, like the razor of a saw, trying to cut the metal bars off. It's eyes were on fire. Red and glowing full of anger and madness.

The monster was no bear, but no wolf either. It was big, two and a half meters at least. It's head was a head of a black wolf, the ones with steroids. The shaggy hair grown out around its neck down to it back and arms like a black warm furry coat in winter. It's chest were human, pitch black skin, but smooth. Though there was skin fur cover it. In the end, its torso looked like an athletic gorilla. Its hands grabbed on the bars, trying to break it off and the claws were the last things I wanted to touch. Sharp like knives but hard like diamonds and they seemed like its hands had grown fangs.

Where the hell did this thing come from? I screamed inside my head. I wanted to scream out, but my jaw kept clenching like it wanted to break my teeth into pieces. I knew what it was, the moment I looked into its eyes. It was a werewolf.

It pulled all my courage, rising the bow and pulled my arrow backward once more. My eyes stared deep into the monster's. My breath was trembling, like a had a minor panic attack. My fingers were about to let the arrow go when a voice came to interrupt.


I turned to my side and Leto was there, breathing hardly. I lowered my bow, but the monster didn't lower its anger.

"C-can you explain why you have a werewolf on your island?" I stuttered pointing at the monster.

"I will tell you" she said. "I will tell you everything but please! Please don't kill him."

She was scared. It was written all over her face despite the face she was trying to calm me down. Like a cop trying to take a gun from a criminal through conversations.

"And why shouldn't I kill it?" I breathed hard, about to rise my bow again.

"Because..." She paused, her lips trembling, trying hard not to spill it out. But she looked up at me slowly. "Because he is your brother..."

Every last word of her like a hammer bagging on my ears. I let out a gasp.

"What do you mean?"


"Ok can you explain for me now?" I sat on the chair, more like threw my self on it.

home, but my mind was still somewhere in the galaxy. Thousand of questions were traveling throwing my head that I wanted to split it open. I knew Leto was going to answer me anyway, she

is hard to accept" Leto said, slowly

cut her off.  "You can you expect me to trust you when you are having

the table, hard enough to make the cups jumped. I leaned closer

maybe a witness to keep you out. But you can't have that thing here. If the

Artemis" she sobbed. "Maybe he's a monster in your eyes, maybe he's a wanted criminal. But he's caring my blood too, coming out from me. How would you feel, when I

screamed. "I don't have a brother like him! And how could you do

one that we all had to remember by heart. We are immortal, nothing can possibly kill us. But Chaos did not create a perfect kind. We still have a bane, a weakness. Not the Giants of Gaia or the power of

of death anymore. Until now, when I just found out that my mother. The one I loved and trusted most to possess a weapon that can destroy all

you were in my situation you would have known Artemis" Leto said. "Living alone in

her. I never considered how she felt. I just believed in one side of a story. I grew up with the hatred of werewolves already craved deep into me. How could I accept something like that? But then again, Leto birthed him for a reason. I knew there was a secret on this island. But I never had a chance to find found, or in fact, I never wanted to dig

her hands. "Tell me

me with those red eyes from sadness and anxiety. Her lips started to moved.

birthed you and Apollo, I thought Zeus would release me from the island. I thought I could leave with you guys forever. But Zeus came and brought you away. For years that I cried, crawling and screaming to get you back. But no one

back. I could see it in her eyes.

a broken wood that drifting on the water. He was injured really bad and I thought he was dead. But when

asked. "The one you lock in the

that I certain. He wasn't a mortal. He stayed at the island after that, I took care of him from everything. Then slowly, the feeling started to build between us. Until that one

to find the courage

in the house. He told me to stay inside and never to come

tell anyone about that?" I frowned.

I when I already loved him so much!?" she cried. "It was Zeus who attacked him. He told me everything, the truth about them. They never intended to kill anyone, Zeus just gave out that law because of fearing the death. He wanted to get grid of the werewolves.

Perseus?" I guessed. "Is that where Perseus got his name

father wanted to remember his saviour, so he

make children.  Especially the Alphas,

is too strong and the power that the unborn receive wouldn't let them survive. Werewolves children with mortals will always die before they can see the first light. But I was immortal Artemis,

this small island, I felt like

the wooden table. Her hands started to shake like a nightmare was starting to come. She was

I said. "Did

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