Madam Nie reproached her. "Wanwan, just what were you doing? You ran off to such a dangerous place alone. What would you have done if something bad happened?! Did you want to scare Dad and Mom to death?"

Ye Wanwan was most afraid of this type of situation. "Mom, um..."

Before Ye Wanwan could finish, Nameless Nie immediately said, "Didn't I tell you, Mom? Wanwan just went to Tianshui City to visit her master, Yi Lingjun, also known as President Yi! What could possibly happen to her? Plus, Wanwan helped expose Qin Zong's true nature and accomplished a great deal!"

Madam Nie instantly glared at him. "You have the nerve to talk? I haven't started with you! Tangtang was captured by that Yin family and nearly encountered a mishap, but you actually helped them cover up everything until now?!"

Nameless Nie didn't wait for Ye Wanwan and Si Yehan to speak and directly helped them explain. "Mom, first, Tangtang was captured by Yin Heng, which technically doesn't have anything to do with the Yin family. And Yin Heng has now been expelled from the Yin family, so he definitely doesn't have anything to do with the Yin family.

"Second, your precious grandson is perfectly fine! Didn't you see how Tangtang's face is a size chubbier after coming back?! It was all from being fed by his grandma! His grandma seriously likes him!

"Did you see that truck outside? It was Yin Yuerong who made us bring back that whole truck of snacks and toys! If it weren't for my sister stopping her, Yin Yuerong would've probably emptied all the snack stores and toy stores in Tianshui City..."