Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2425: Reluctance


Before Tangtang could say anything else, he caught sight of Ye Wanwan and Si Yehan standing at the door in his peripheral vision. He immediately dashed toward Ye Wanwan.

"Good Tangtang." Ye Wanwan had nothing but adoration on her face.

"Eat some watermelon, Mommy." Tangtang picked up a piece of watermelon for Ye Wanwan.

"Very sweet..." Ye Wanwan praised the fruit happily after taking a few bites.

"Eat some watermelon, Grandma." Tangtang handed the last piece of watermelon to Yin Yuerong.

Si Yehan: "..."


"Since you're back, I won't prolong my stay," Yin Yuerong said aloofly as she stood up.

Ye Wanwan blinked and couldn't help but be surprised. Yin Yuerong really came to drop Tangtang off!

Back then, even if you beat her to death, she probably wouldn't believe that Yin Yuerong, who personally detained Tangtang, would personally send him back to them.