Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2421: Tangtang will protect Grandma

If Yin Yuerong's heart felt sucked dry of water earlier, as dry as a desert, then Tangtang saying "My grandma is a beautiful and kind-hearted celestial maiden" was like a timely rainfall after a long drought.

A second ago, she felt like she was in hell, but now, she felt like she'd returned to the mortal world.

This was the first time in her life that she felt redeemed.

Merely because Tangtang didn't hate her...

This thought alone was enough to soothe all the darkness in her heart.

Yin Yuerong gladly listened to it 100 times, but the others had different thoughts.

Chief Liu nearly wanted to vomit blood. This sentence was akin to a devil's chant that continued to echo in his head still.

Finally, they endured it all the way until Ah-Zhong finished saying it.

The exchange went a little longer”including all of Ah-Zhong's instructions for Tangtang”and completely solidified his crime of getting Tangtang to put the ledger in Yin Yuerong's study.