Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2414: Bask in the sun together

Tangtang harrumphed. "I kinda don't want to help you!"

Ah-Zhong's expression froze. "Little Young Master... I'm truly begging you... Just what do I need to do to make you help me? I will go buy more snacks and toys for you, alright?"

Tangtang mulled it over before replying, "If you want me to help you, I can. But I have a request!"

Ah-Zhong turned joyous. "What request? I'll agree to it regardless of what it is!"

Tangtang nonchalantly said, "Alright, then say my grandma is a beautiful and kind-hearted celestial maiden 100 times!"

"..." Ah-Zhong was utterly dumbfounded.

What the heck??

Is this little brat serious??

I-Isn't that too embarrassing?!

"You won't say it? Then I'll leave! Don't disturb me from picking flowers for Grandma!" Tangtang turned to leave when Ah-Zhong failed to speak for ages.