Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2405: So delicious!

"Yummy, right? I told you Grandma is awesome! Grandma knows everything!" Baby Tangtang delightfully declared.

Next to him, Yin Yuerong's face softened minutely.

"Daddy, you should eat too!" Tangtang picked up a piece of simmer-fried fish for Si Yehan.

"Ninth Brother, don't. Do you really trust Auntie Rong...?" Lin Que nervously grumbled.

Si Yehan didn't say anything and directly ate the piece of fish Tangtang offered to him, mild surprise appearing on his face.

He had thought Wanwan only said that because she was afraid Yin Yuerong would be angered otherwise. He didn't expect Yin Yuerong's cooking to really be wonderful.

"Daddy, is it tasty?" Baby Tangtang asked immediately.

Si Yehan was quiet for a long while before finally nodding. "Mm."

Yin Yuerong was startled briefly but her expression quickly returned to normal.

Since Si Yehan was eating too, Yu Shao had no choice but to also taste a piece.