Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2392: Don’t be afraid, Grandma

As the little fella's childish voice surrounded her, Yin Yuerong slowly closed her eyes and entered dreamland.

Her sleep was particularly sound and uninterrupted, and Yin Yuerong slept from evening to the middle of the night, only jolted awake by a clap of thunder.

As lightning flashed and thunder clapped, a raging storm surged and gales howled in the night, the shadows of the swaying trees resembling ghosts madly dancing outside the window.

Yin Yuerong reflexively glanced outside the window with a furrow of her brows.

After lying there for a moment, she sat up and covered herself with a jacket before walking out of her room.

She stopped in front of the room next door and pushed open the door.

In the bedroom, a faint lamp was lit on the nightstand and the little fella was lying in bed, sound asleep and unperturbed by the thunder outside.

Yin Yuerong looked at Tangtang, her brows locked together, vexed. She didn't linger and turned to leave.