Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2387: Aren’t you scared of me?

Ah-Zhong turned to Tangtang and admonished him furiously: "Don't be rude! Don't you know who she is? This is the matriarch of Tianshui City's Yin family! She's Madam Director of the Arbitration Council!"

"Matriarch of the Yin family..." A contemplative emotion rose in Baby Tangtang's large eyes upon hearing that as if he finally understood who she was.

The warm atmosphere earlier was akin to a bubbled illusion and it shattered with a pop.

That's right. This child was only so concerned and friendly toward her because he didn't know who she was.

Iciness gradually seeped back into Yin Yuerong's face and she turned to the child. "That's right. I'm the head of the Yin family!"

She didn't believe that Ah-Jiu and that woman, Worriless Nie, wouldn't have mentioned her to this child, especially Worriless Nie. That woman had to have warned this child about the kind of person she was.

However, what surprised Yin Yuerong again was that the child didn't reveal any scared expression after learning about her identity. Instead... the child was joyous and excited...

"Grandma!" the little fella cheerfully called as he looked at her. "So you're Tangtang's Grandma!"