Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2383: Where’s that child?

Si Yehan and Yin Yuerong met each other's eyes. Feeling the comforting hand in his grasp, Si Yehan finally relented. "Alright."

This time, it was Yin Yuerong's turn to be surprised. She subconsciously glanced at Ye Wanwan next to him. She didn't expect her son to take a step back first with his personality.


Late at night, in Si Yehan's residence:

Tangtang was still in the hands of Yin Yuerong. Both Ye Wanwan and Si Yehan's expressions didn't look too good.

Lin Que's head ached as he asked, "How should we deal with that guy, Yin Heng? How about we imprison him and interrogate him with torture? Perhaps Auntie Rong's heart would hurt then? After all, he's her only heir, so she must care about him to some degree, right?"

Si Yehan mulled over it for a moment before replying, "Use the standard torture every day but no need to watch over him too closely. Allow him to contact the outside."

Lin Que was first startled before understanding dawned on him. "Oh, oh, I get it. We're making him ask Auntie Rong for help, right! You're so smart, Ninth Brother! Alright, I understand!"

Ye Wanwan glanced at Si Yehan. "Ah-Jiu, are you certain Yin Yuerong cares about Yin Heng's survival? This isn't how you show concern for someone... I seriously can't see how Yin Heng is useful as a hostage... Anyway, Yin Heng can only be considered as an abandoned chesspiece..."