Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2380: Don’t dirty your foot

Qin Xiyuan also quickly said, "Worriless Nie, my father is the vice president of the Arbitration Council. Do you know the consequences of accusing and slandering him without any proof?"

The other directors were also incredulous when they heard this, and many directors from Qin Zong's party spoke on his behalf.

At this moment, footsteps were heard from the distance. In his black windbreaker and with a brown briefcase in hand, Si Yehan walked toward the crowd.

Upon seeing Si Yehan, Ye Wanwan's unease finally settled. "Ah-Jiu..."

Si Yehan ignored everyone and stopped in front of Ye Wanwan. He coldly glanced at the Yin Heng tightly pressed against the floor beneath her foot and frowned. "Wanwan, let go."

Ye Wanwan protested, "No! He abducted Tangtang!"

"Don't dirty your foot."

After saying that, Si Yehan shot Lin Que a look.