Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2369: Have to hug the thigh to the max

Upon seeing Yi Lingjun's attitude and expression, Ye Wanwan immediately walked up with a smile and latched onto Yi Lingjun's arm. "Dad, I heard you've helped Ah-Jiu a lot with amending and reevaluating the rules."

Yi Lingjun pursed his lips. "Eh, not bad. You know about that."

"Of course! Ah-Jiu's immensely grateful for all of your help and he tells me about it all day long. He said we must fulfill our filial duties well toward you in the future." Ye Wanwan was grinning.

Yi Lingjun peered at Si Yehan from the corner of his eyes. "This lad has a rather decent conscience."

After receiving a reminder gaze from his wife, Si Yehan didn't respond and chose to agree tacitly.

"President, there's still a matter I need to report to you," Si Yehan said.

Yi Lingjun saw Si Yehan's serious expression and also looked at him solemnly. "What is it?"