Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2348: This risk was worth taking

"What if I say no?" Vice President Qin asked.

"If you say no, then I'd stop, but I won't spare her," Qin Xiyuan said while glowering.

"Go ahead then," Vice President Qin said a moment later.

Joy overfilled Qin Xiyuan's face. "Father, you're agreeing?"

Vice President Qin was quiet for another minute before looking at Qin Xiyuan. "Remember, you mustn't allow anyone to gain leverage against you while doing this. You should think carefully about who you should ask to do it."

"I understand, Father." Qin Xiyuan nodded.

After Qin Xiyuan left the study, Vice President Qin's expression chilled instantly.

Yi Yunmo must disappear permanently...