Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2347: It’s about to start raining

"No need." Yin Yuerong sounded resolute and decisive. "I'd like to see just how capable Yi Yunmo is. If she can't even overcome the obstacle of Vice President Qin and she becomes the president of the Arbitration Council and gets together with Ah-Jiu in the future, who knows what mayhem she'd get herself into? At that time, even the Yin family might be impacted."

"You're brilliant, Madam," Auntie Qiao praised her with a smile.


After leaving the Yin Estate and returning to her residence, Ye Wanwan was still shaken.

Ye Wanwan never expected Yin Yuerong to have so many tricks up her sleeve, nearly causing her to shed her disguise. She still greatly underestimated Yin Yuerong. After all, that woman was Ah-Jiu's mother, so how could she be a normal woman?

Ye Wanwan still didn't know Yin Yuerong well. Although First Elder had scouted for some information regarding Yin Yuerong, it wasn't comprehensive.

She still had to think of a method to understand Yin Yuerong better or else one day, she would be tricked by Yin Yuerong and still be clueless.

That night, after Ye Wanwan and Yi Lingjun ate dinner together, she pulled a vanishing act with Yi Lingjun's assistance and made a trip back to Yun City. She recovered her identity as Worriless Nie and intentionally appeared at the Fearless Alliance in a flashy manner. She also returned to the Nie residence many times and visited her parents while she was at it.