Perfect Secret Love

Chapter 2346: The next step

When Yin Yuerong heard that, an unconcerned smile appeared on her exquisite face. "I don't care about her attitude."

"Do you think we can determine Yi Yunmo's identity now, Madam?" Auntie Qiao asked.

"Most likely." Yin Yuerong nodded after a moment of thought.

If this Yi Yunmo was truly being impersonated by Worriless Nie, she wouldn't have been so calm today without exposing even a trace of emotion.

"Madam... is my mission completed then?"

The girl pretending to be a student from MDFF Academy asked as she faced Yin Yuerong.

"Mn, you can leave." Yin Yuerong waved her hand. "Make her disappear permanently."

"Huh?!" The girl's expression changed.